The Northeastern University Young Alumni Advisory Board (YAAB) works to empower graduates of the past 10 years and encourage their continued involvement and support of the university through programs, events, and communications. Members provide advice to the Office of Alumni Relations on matters of concern to young alumni. YAAB members are ambassadors for the university through their leadership and by serving Chief Executive Connectors (CEC) at alumni events.

Current YAAB

Kris Dabrowiecki, DMSB’09

Kris Dabrowiecki, DMSB’09, Chair

Binja Basimike

Binja Basimike, BHS’12, MPH’14 Vice Chair

Elizabeth Barno

Liz Barno, SSH’13

Selecca Bulgar-Medina

Selecca Bulgar-Medina, AS’07, MA’13

Andrew Cameron

Andrew Cameron, SSH’15

Dimitri Clarke

Dimitri Clarke, SSH’14

Michelle DuBow

Michelle DuBow, S’13

Keith Dunn, BHS’08

Keith Dunn, PharmD’08

Michael Green

Michael Green, S’13

Shaun Hamilton

Shaun Hamilton, DMSB’14

Carol Lee

Carol Lee, CIS’09, MS’16

John Leo

John Leo, E’14

Katie Robidoux

Katie Robidoux, AMD’13

Sydney Stewart

Sydney Stewart, AMD’15

Kelly Wallace

Kelly Wallace, SSH’13, MS’15


YAAB members are undergraduate alumni who graduated in the last ten years. To be eligible, one must live and work in the United States. YAAB members serve one two-year term.

Selection Process

Applications for membership are open from September 15 to December 15. Applicants who advance to the interview stage of the process will be notified by February 1. New YAAB members will be notified by March 1.


YAAB meets quarterly in May, August, November and February. All meetings are held on Saturdays from 10 a.m.–4 p.m. on the Boston campus. In person attendance is required for May meetings (Lodging is provided for those living out of Boston.). Phone and video conference information will be provided for all other meetings for those living outside of Boston — in person attendance at all meetings is strongly encouraged.

Member Expectations

    • Support and be informed about the mission, services, policies, and programs of the university, Office of Alumni Relations, and YAAB


    • Foster alumni pride and enhance the reputation of the university


    • Serve as Chief Executive Connectors (CEC) during alumni events, providing alumni and students with the means to interact


    • Attend quarterly meetings;


    • Encourage fellow alumni participation in alumni events and programs


    • Financially support the university


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