Expand your Northeastern network

Tap into the global Northeastern community of alumni, students, parents and friends. Find a connection in the industry, company or city, access expert opinions, and gain industry insight. Or, just reconnect with an old friend!


What makes the Northeastern experience unique is your strong, deep-rooted, global network. Whether it’s contacts you made during your co-op, personal connections you built during your coursework, or peers you engaged with as alumni – the Northeastern network is your catalyst for success. And we’re making it even more accessible with our newly launched platform: NUsource.

If you’re seeking career advice, industry insights, mentoring, or simply strengthening professional connections, NUsource is your first step. The platform is designed exclusively for Northeastern alumni and community members around the globe to connect, expand, and grow their network.

Get ready to tap into the power of your network, and achieve what’s next!


NUsource is not just another networking platform. Unlike generic social platforms, NUsource is designed specifically for the Northeastern community. Everyone on the platform has opted to help or seek advice, and there are no costs for “premium” services. You already have your Northeastern experience in common. Why make a cold call when you already have a foot in the door?

You will need your Northeastern login credentials to sign-up for NUsource.

Don’t have your username or password? Access our account troubleshooting page.

Rekindle old friendships

The alumni directory is your resource for rekindling old friendships and starting new ones. Search through all living alumni and reach out directly through the platform. Our new directory enhances data privacy by displaying a limited amount of information that is available through the NUsource networking platform. Simply sign up for an account, complete your profile and then you can access the directory.

Search the directory

Access the alumni directory through NUsource.

log in to Nusource

Step 1. Sign In or Sign Up

We’ve made it easy for you to log in to the directory, simply use your existing Northeastern login.

Having trouble with your account? Visit our Northeastern account troubleshooting page.

Step 2. Set Up Your Account

Once you’ve logged in, you’ll be able to set up your profile. We’ve made it easy and preloaded a little information about you like your name, email and degree information from Northeastern. Through our LinkedIn and Facebook integrations, you can import information from either of those two systems if you have an account. Since the directory is part of NUsource, you can also build out your profile to create mentor/mentee relationships with members across the community.

Step 3. Search

You can search through the directory by navigating to the “Directory” section of the platform. Use the search and filters to find that long-lost classmate, former roommate, or to build your network. If you’re looking for more formal networking, consider using the “Explore the Community” section where your search results will be limited to just those individuals who have completed their NUsource profile.

Step 4. Connect

After you’ve found someone to reach out to, click the “Let’s Connect” button. From here, you can send an email through the NUsource platform to the individual.


How do I access the Alumni Directory?

You can access the Alumni Directory through NUsource, the Northeastern University networking platform connecting alumni and students across the globe. Visit to access the platform.

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Who has access to the Alumni Directory?

The Alumni Directory is accessible to those that are a part of our alumni network and in good standing with a university account. In addition, students can access the platform and search through the directory to connect with alumni for networking purposes.

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How is my data protected?

We take alumni data security and privacy seriously and our usage of contact information for the directory is in line with the Northeastern University Privacy Policy. Until you complete your profile by filling in the information you want shared to other users, all that will be visible is your name, class year, Northeastern college and major/program. Users may contact you through the system, but will never see your email address unless you log in to respond and provide it to them. If you wish to opt out of the directory, please visit our alumni privacy form.

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Who is included in the Alumni Directory?

All living alumni from any Northeastern campus, Mills College, or New College of the Humanities with a valid email address in our database are included in our directory. If you are unable to find someone in the directory, please reach out to alum[email protected] and we will be happy to assist your search.”

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How do I search through the Alumni Directory?

To access the directory, click on the “Directory” section of the NUsource website. This section will allow you to search through all records in the directory. If you search through “Explore Users” you will only find individuals who have completed their NUsource profile. You can search using the search box—where you can enter class years, names, programs, etc. You can also use filters, but not all of the fields are populated for all directory records.

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How do I reach out to someone that I've found?

Once you’ve found an individual you want to reach out to, click their name to see their profile and then click on the green “Let’s Connect” button. You can then write a message that the system will send directly to that individual’s email address. When they recieve it, they can log in to NUsource to respond.

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