110 Fitness

110 Fitness is the first of its kind inclusive wellness center for individuals afflicted with disease and/or a developmental or physical disability. The mission of 110 Fitness is to leave no person behind so that they may reach their full potential physically, mentally, and spiritually by inspiring them to give their 110% effort in order to find the greatest balance in their lives. By combining physical exercise with ancillary mindful and wellness programs our members are provided with all the supports necessary to “Be 110”.

Founded and operated by Brett Miller, BHS'95

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30 Friends

30 Friends is a video-conferencing solution to help connect and create social & professional networks virtually by easing administration and improving participant engagement. They help university clubs & businesses create better communities & find new ways of making revenue!

Founded and operated by Amit Bhambi, DMSB 2003

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About Fresh

About Fresh (AF) is a Boston-based non-profit that builds programs to integrate healthy food into community healthcare systems. We operate three renovated school buses as mobile markets known as Fresh Truck and a produce prescription program called Fresh Connect. We believe your bank account, race, and zip code shouldn’t determine your access to healthy food. We are working toward a future where all people have the food they need to be happy, healthy, and hopeful. 

Help us spread the food love by joining So Fresh, our monthly donor community where members give what they can to amplify, celebrate, and uplift people and food culture. (https://www.aboutfresh.org/sofresh/)

Founded and operated by Josh Trautwein, CSSH 2010

Addition Beauty

Addition Beauty is a femtech company that creates makeup with fertility and pregnancy in mind. Our mission is to empower women with nontoxic, hormone-friendly makeup and the knowledge to select safer personal care products through life’s stage without compromising beauty.

Founded and operated by Michelle Calderon, DMSB 2021

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AInnovation Labs

AInnovation uses patented deep learning model compression technique to port these once costly AI algorithms into customized light-weight processes that can be run in realtime on mobile devices in high accuracy. It enables complex computer vision programs, e.g. human pose tracking, behavioral recognition, motion capturing, to run on platforms constrained by limited hardware; brings cutting-edge innovation to telemedicine, remote rehab, virtual-first care and in-home fitness than ever before.

Founded and operated by Raymond Fu

airefresco logo

Aire Fresco Meditation and Mindfulness SL

Aire Fresco is the 1st company to develop science-based technological tools to offer to Spanish speaking enterprise customers an employee benefit program which helps measure the corporate pulse and performance as well as serve as an early intervention tool in mental health. They are the 1st science-based mindfulness app created by and for Spanish speakers with a story-telling experience that connects with our target market. They are the technological solution that cares after you at every moment.

Founded and operated by Victor Coutin, CPS 2005

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Align Physical Therapy & Wellness, LLC

Physical therapy and wellness company serving active adults and athletes. Expert biomechanical evaluation and treatment.

Founder and owner Leah Hultstrom, CPS 2015.

Aloft and Dark Matter Wines

Our great-grandparents, Cesare and Rosa Mondavi, purchased Charles Krug Winery shortly after the end of prohibition. It was Cesare and Rosa’s passion, determination, and vision that began to shape Napa Valley as one of California’s premium wine regions. Our grandparents, Peter Sr. and Blanche, took over the winery operations in 1966. After years of research, our grandfather introduced revolutionary winemaking techniques commonly used today, including cold fermentation, cold sterile filtration, and aging wine in French oak barrels – techniques we implement in the winemaking of Dark Matter Wines. Our grandfather worked closely with each of us to continue the legacy of the Mondavi Family until he passed away at the wise age of 101.

Starting at the spry age of 10, each of us – Angelina, Alycia, Riana, and Giovanna – spent our summers learning the family business. A typical summer day for us entailed odd jobs throughout the winery, including schlepping hoses, cleaning tanks, soaking bottles, pulling samples, and running analyses. A family tradition of summer winery jobs alongside our grandfather and father led each of us to love the wine industry.

Paying respect to the generations before us, we launched Dark Matter Wines in 2005 and purchased Aloft Wines in 2017.  Although Dark Matter Wines is far from traditional, our mission is to create wines with the same passion and devotion as the generations before us.

We are forever grateful to our mentors that have helped to make this project a reality – Our grandfather Peter Mondavi Sr., our Father Marc, our Mother Janice, Kathy Simpson (Alycia’s personal mentor) a marketing guru, and our viticulturist Jim Barbour.

Founded and operated by Gigi Mondavi, DMSB’13

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Alternova tablet image


Alternova is a technology company focused on the development of interactive digital health products and platforms: digital therapeutics, clinical trial platforms, data collection platforms, patient monitoring apps, video games to diagnose and treat cognitive conditions, etc. Working with Stanford, MIT, UCSF, Children’s National, Takeda, Brain Balance Centers, and a pool of incredible startups in all stages.

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AM Consulting

AM Consulting is an initiative aimed to help young professionals obtain the career of their dreams. In a demanding and competitive labor market, having a well-defined strategy to obtain that job or project aspired is necessary. With high expertise in resumes, digital presence, and interviews, we guide young professionals towards their careers.

Founded and operated by Agueda Moron, DMSB 2012

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Amie Bakery

There’s a reason most gatherings end up in the kitchen. Whether we’re swapping stories or trying a new pastry, the best place to connect with others is around a table. AMIE is a small, specialty bakery that likes to think of itself as our town’s kitchen. The only thing we enjoy more than baking for our neighbors is spending time with them.

We also put a lot of care into what we feed our customers. At AMIE Bakery we make everything from scratch and in small batches. We use local ingredients from artisans who, like us, are passionate about what they do. From traditional pastries and classic breakfast and lunch items to homemade sodas and ice cream floats—we serve up food people love, in a place no one wants to leave.

Found and operated by Amie Smith, AMD’87

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Ancient Bakers

Eczema. Anemia. Food Allergies. Acute Malnutrition.

This was my son Bennuamen’s story. At the tender age of 15 months old his diagnosis and prognosis was grim. The Western Standard American Diet (SAD) had failed. With little hope, I consulted our ancestors for the wisdom needed to save my son.  Hence, The Ancient Bakers was born.

The Ancient Bakers is family-owned and operated in Boston, MA.
Since 2008 we have been educating consumers about the health benefits of plant-based bakery products.

Our mission is to let the world know that health and specialty baking are synonymous.

Founded and operated by Tonya Johnson, DMSB’18.

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Anjum Khan

ANJUM KHAN, the brand is an independent women-owned fashion label started in 2021. At the core of the brand is an appreciation for expressing oneself through fashion symbolizing the “Women of Now”. As a brand, they are committed to bringing revolutionary designs in every aspect from design to production while ensuring a high ethical standard. ANJUM KHAN envision to be a designer brand that creates and delivers products which remain true to the values of their brand while confirming absolute commitment to quality and authenticity.

Co-Founded and operated by Shehnaz Khan, CPS 2023

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Apotheker’s Kitchen

Apotheker’s Kitchen makes organic honey sweetened confections, free of dairy, soy, and gluten, and no refined sugars.

Owned and operated by Russ Apotheker, AS 2003

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AshaPops logo

AshaPops LLC

AshaPops Popped Water Lily Seeds are a plant-based superfood snack that are a delicious alternative to popcorn or puffs and taste like crunchy puffs. At 100 calories per bag, they’re allergen-free and contain magnesium, plant protein and antioxidants. Guilt-free snacking beckons! Use code HUSKYPRIDE to receive 15% off!

Founded and operated by Jai Farswani, E 2012

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Authentic Body, Skin and Hair Care

GetBodyCare.com offers you Authentic skin care tips, skincare reviews, and ingredient details (from hyaluronic acid to retinol). Plus, we have various skin experts from dermatologists, estheticians and more to ensure your skin is always healthy and glowing.

Founded and operated by Rashmi Bansal

Bake it Till You Make it

Bake it Till You Make it LLC is a community-based organization dedicated to destigmatizing mental illness, normalizing mental health conversation, and promoting authentic healing and recovery. Bake it Till You Make it LLC seeks to connect people through food and baking, making “difficult conversation” more palatable, comfortable and even fun! Bake it TIll You Make it does this through live cooking demonstrations, mental health presentations, community food events and the publication of mental health cookbooks.

Founded by Dayna Altman SSH 2015, BCH 2018

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Banzo Brands

We mindfully innovate to offer access to inclusive snack choices that are good for both you and the planet. Banzo Butter is our flagship product, which is a garbanzo bean spread that mimics the taste and texture of nut butter, but WITHOUT the top 14 food allergens or gluten. It is also vegan!

Founded by Amy Andes, S 2017

bdyconsult logo


BDY CONSULT is a boutique consultancy providing social and digital marketing services, professional advice, and event solutions to individuals and organizations with creative needs. They motivate clients to reach their digital goals in 90 days! They work with clients on an area of their choice through a four-step process – (1) free consultation (2) audit and evaluation (3) strategic plan creation and (4) plan implementation!

Founded and operated by Adebukola Ajao, CPS 2020

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Benswic Cares

Benswic Cares designs and produces self-care packages that contain a personalized 3-week motivational scrapbook, homemade bath salts, a 3-week workout regimen, and a motivational card. They aim to create a community of users to support each other on their personal self-care journeys, and care to make the world a better place by helping people fill up their own cups so they can pour into others.

Founded and operated by Bryana Smith-Marshall, DMSB 2023

Better Than Belts logo

Better Than Belts

Better Than Belts is a sibling-run brand with high standards and a competitive streak. They don’t compromise on quality or comfort. Their Made in the USA suspenders are as good-looking as they are durable. The company believes the most sustainable goods are the ones you don’t have to replace.

Founded and operated by siblings Tori Farley DMSB 2015, and Tyler Farley, DMSB 2019

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Better World Ed

Videos and Stories to Build Belonging and Reweave Community. Your learning resource to weave math, literacy, empathy, global awareness, social emotional learning & humanity together through powerful stories.

Founded and operated by Abhi Nangia, CSSH 2013

BGM logo

BGM Apparel

BGM Apparel is a lifestyle brand that offers a variety of apparel, headwear, accessories, stationary and more with an empowering message of presence and purpose.

Founded and operated by Jae’da Turner, DMSB 2014

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Movement, muscle and mindfulness – all on the open road! Live in the moment as your stationary bike cruises all over Boston.

Founded and operated by Seema Brodie, L’21.

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Birch Bookkeeping

Birch Bookkeeping is a QuickBooks certified virtual bookkeeping company serving small service-based businesses.

Founded and operated by Jill Olsen, BHS 2012

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Black Owned Bos.

Black Owned Bos. is a platform and business service provider that highlights and lifts Black owned businesses places, spaces, and the people moving the culture forward in the Greater Boston Area.

Founded and operated by Jae’da Turner, DMSB 2014

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Once taped inside of your shoe, blistabloc© by blistabloc reacts to how hard your feet are working, preventing blisters from the start. Transparent, comfortable, and affordable, blistabloc© is a long-term solution to keeping your feet protected and blister-free! Each package of blistabloc© includes two large and two small inserts. Use code BLISTA20 to receive a 20% off.

Founded and operated by Katherine Connors, MBA 2018

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BlockBeam helps talent stand out for careers in emerging technology. Our platform is home to a collection of action-based learning experiences centered around talent completing projects that demonstrate in-demand skills to employers. Every action-based experience is an opportunity to build a network and work portfolio that significantly differentiates talent from the crowd of applicants.

Founded and operated by Drew Cousin, DMSB 2022

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Book: Pills, Teas, and Songs

My debut book, Pills, Teas, and Songs: Stories of Medicine Around the World is a collection of 11 stories on medicinal practices in different cultures. I interviewed people from China, India, Russia, Nigeria, Peru, and more to discover the stories of centuries-old herbal tea, an antiseptic cream born out of a revolution, Cold War first-aid kits, and more.

Authored by Debby Nguyen, BHS 2024

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Boston Art Review

Founded in October of 2017, Boston Art Review (BAR) is an independent publication committed to facilitating active discourse around contemporary art in Boston. Boston Art Review’s engagement in the community fosters inter-institutional collaboration. Boston Art Review is proud to showcase writing, art, and perspectives from underrepresented individuals ranging from artists, scholars, students, curators, and the community at large alongside more recognized artists, all existing under the central idea of contemporary art. As our site and our publication continue to develop, we will become the go-to resource for contemporary art in Boston.

Founded by Jameson Johnson, CHS'19

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Boston Health & Wellness

Physical Therapy. Telehealth. Personal Training. Massage. Yoga. Pilates. Run Coaching. Injury Prevention. Adult Fitness.

Founded and operated by Stefanie Rousselle, BHS 2012

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Boston Instruments

Boston Instruments is a supplier of an array of economical, non-destructive digital instruments and equipment for a range of applications in the agricultural industry especially in the animal breeding and grain testing and quality control sectors.

Oscar Opiyo, CPS 2021

Boston Youth Farm Project

The mission of the Boston Youth Farming Project is to teach children about nutrition, the environment & plant biology with a big focus on student empowerment. We will do this by providing Boston schools with hands-on experience in urban farming built around our expertise in microgreen production.

Founded and operated by Oliver Homberg, CSSH'2018

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It takes courage to go against the flow, but we want to offer you an everyday luxury you will not find everywhere. Our website is a small universe of flowers, plants and little treasures. A place where you can be inspired by news every week – either for yourself, or as the perfect gift for the one who has everything. We want to offer you a product that can give you a holiday feeling every day, so we are looking around the world to share our inspiration with you – from the markets in Marrakesh, the beach in the Bahamas, an alley in Palma and all the way to an estate sale in an American small town.

No task is too big or too small and in the time ahead we will go to great lengths to do things no one has done before us. Our dream is to  decorate any situation with plants and flowers, both for private and business.  We offer plant packages, flower subscriptions, plants for the office, styling for events and much more, so do not hesitate to get in touch for a non-committal chat.

Founded and operated by Hedda Braathen, SSH’15

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Boxy is a peer-to-peer style storage service. Their platform allows individuals to monetize their underutilize living space for college students to store their belongings so they can navigate their college life smoothly.

Founded and operated by Hannah Ung, DMSB'2023

BR3 Health & Performance

BR3 Health & Performance is a mobile concierge physical therapy practice in Bergen County, New Jersey. It was launched in 2020 as a result of the pandemic so people could still work on their specific health needs through a specific 3 step process (restore, resilience, and reinvent). We bring the doctor's office and mobile gym to people's homes to assist in their health journey. We are on a mission to instill hope and empower people in NJ with the resilience they need to become Rockstars in their lives!

Bryan Munoz, BHS 2016


Brillie is on a mission to combat the workplace gender gap by leveraging technology to empower more women to reach leadership roles, quicker. Through our online platform, we’re democratizing access to professional training, coaching, and networks for women starting as early as their first job search, to help accelerate their paths to leadership. We're also working directly with businesses to create and implement customized diversity initiatives to support their hiring, retention and advancement of women.

Founded and operated by Kaliela Osha, CSSH'16

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Brit Mitchell Photography

Lifestyle photographer specializing in family, couples and newborns.

Founded and operated by Brittany Mitchell, DMSB 2010

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Increasing school bus safety and efficiency.

Founded and operated by Keith Corso, DMSB 2022

Butterfly Club

The Butterfly Club is a collective of independent, woman-owned brands who share a love for slow fashion.

Founded and operated by Maddie Gubernick, CSH 2017

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Buzzzy is a platform that uses an algorithm to connect businesses to a network of curated freelancers. Our platform removes the clutter and saves time for both sides, while it provides a seamless experience that does not interrupt the workflow.

Antonio Lopez Jr., DMSB 2023

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cactivate logo


CACTIVATE is an AI ad agency for SMB online stores — think robo advisors for ad buying. They use AI built for maximizing returns on Facebook and Instagram ads by leveraging cutting-edge machine learning models and big data.

Founded and operated by Wentao Xiao, DMSB 2017

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cakedenim logo


CAKE ⊽ DENIM is a sustainable denim brand that creates pieces that are both environmentally and ethically conscious. The two founders are sisters who are a mere 18 months apart and share the same passion for pushing the boundaries of modern fashion as they apply their computer science backgrounds to the fashion industry. They use eco-friendly fabric sourced from Italy. They also use best practices when it comes to washhouses and manufacturing in Los Angeles, CA. CAKE DENIM’s fabric requires 75% less water and 65% fewer chemicals.

Founded and operated by Darrel Schreiner, Khoury 2022

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California Caviar

California Caviar Company is a global leader in the production of sustainably farmed caviar, supplying top chefs and caviar connoisseurs worldwide. Owned and operated by Deborah Keane—the “Caviar Queen”—a renowned tastemaker and caviar master who built a fully vertically integrated spawn-to-serving enterprise. Keane’s commitment to preserving the world’s delicate resources, coupled with a passion for producing the finest, premium caviar, sets a new standard for the caviar industry. We believe caviar should be an everyday indulgence.

Founded and operated by Deb Keane, BHS’86

Use code HUSKY10 for a 10% discount.

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Canary in a Goldmine

Canary in a Goldmine finds the best deals on new-with-tag and secondhand clothing in order to help you build a more sustainable wardrobe.

Amber Crowe Connolly, BHS 2016

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Central Square Florist

Central Square Florist is a 4th generation, family flower shop established in 1929. Located in Central Square, Cambridge. Open and delivering floral arrangements and plants throughout the Boston area 7 days a week.

Founded and operated by David Levine, DMSB 1986

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Discover the best things to do with kids in your neighborhood at unbeatable prices.

Widely recognized as one of the best deal websites for parents, CertifiKID helps parents provide incredible experiences for their kids on a budget. From family outings and recreation to kids’ summer camps and classes, to children’s theatre and museums, to birthday party packages and family getaways, CertifiKID connects parents with amazing kids’ activities and family-friendly fun in your community – and nationwide – at prices that won’t break the bank.

Founded and operated by Jamie Ratner, SSH’01

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chocgoals image


ChocGoals is a hair and beauty line. Dedicated to women and all their beauty needs with organic and natural hair products. Get ChocGoals for all your Hair Goals!

Founded and operated by Sade Iriah, BHS 2016

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Chris Upon A Star Travel

You're busy and have better ways to use your time! At no cost to you, Chris can help you plan a magical vacation that meets your needs. From helping you find the right vacation package for your budget, to recommending resorts for your distinctive needs, to dining reservations, and more, Chris is ready with her pixie dust to provide you with her complimentary concierge-level service. Specializing in these vacation destinations: Walt Disney World, Disneyland, Disney Cruise Line, Aulani: a Disney Resort & Spa, Adventures By Disney, Universal Studios, Cruising

Chris Chanyasulkit, CSSH 2013

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Cielo Maya

Hand crafted made products by Mayan women and persons with special capabilities in Guatemala. Cielo Maya contributes by giving them the opportunity for a better life. We support long lasting impact projects, generating jobs for local economic growth.

Founded and operated by Carmen Zelaya, SSH’13

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