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Have an idea for an event in Arizona? Reach out today to learn more about how you can bring exciting engagement opportunities to your Arizona Northeastern community. The Arizona community has 1,457 alumni, 368 parents, and 11 current students.


From a brewery tour to a social hour, come join your Northeastern community in Georgia’s capital. The Atlanta community has 2,077 alumni, 255 current undergraduate parents, and 205 current students.


Enjoy the best breweries in the city or celebrate a Beanpot championship with your Northeastern community in Austin. The Austin community has 687 alumni, 91 parents, and 67 current students. 


Northeastern’s original home, Boston is a hub of flagship activity for all, like Homecoming and FanFest. Whether you’re looking to take in a Red Sox home game or make new professional connections, tap into the network of the school’s many colleges. The Boston community has 117,607 alumni, 5,752 current undergraduate parents, and 6,061 current students.

Cape Cod

While the annual Pops by the Sea concert is the highlight of the Northeastern Cape Cod community, you can also join the alumni group breakfasts in the spring or attend the festive holiday luncheon to enjoy the camaraderie of fellow Huskies. The Cape Cod community has 4,037 alumni, 139 parents, and 167 current students. 


Northeastern in Charlotte, right in the city center, provides a hub for Northeastern alumni in the Southeast. Each year, the community gathers to hear the State of the Campus from the administration and staff and celebrates another year of education and progress. The Charlotte community has 3,105 alumni, 642 parents, and 333 current students.


Co-op welcome dinners and community service days are just a few of Chicago’s many reasons to gather. The Chicago community has 1,749 alumni, 545 current undergraduate parents, and 381 current students for you to connect with and grow your network.


What are our communities for than to give people a connection? We’re always brainstorming unique activities from Mystic to New Haven, and beyond. The Connecticut community has 8,255 alumni, 1,717 current undergraduate parents, and 1,133 current students.


With popular events like brewery tours, Rockies games, and service days, the Denver community provides great opportunities to engage with alumni, parents, and friends. The Denver community has 1,768 alumni, 639 parents, and 163 current students. 

Los Angeles

Enjoy gatherings near the coast or going to an LA Kings game with members of the Los Angeles Northeastern community – one of three California communities. The Los Angeles community has 3,010 alumni, 587 parents, and 52 current students. 


Enjoy a BBQ while taking in a Sea Dogs Game, or cheers friends – old and new – at a Beanpot watch party in Maine. The Maine community has 3,650 alumni, 280 current undergraduate parents, and 236 current students. Portland, Maine is now home to the Roux Institute at Northeastern University.


Known for programs that celebrate Miami’s art scene during events at the Wynwood Arts District and Art Basel, the Northeastern Miami community enjoys what makes its city special. The Miami community has 1,270 alumni, 312 parents, and 262 current students.


Join in the great tradition of marching in the annual St. Patrick’s Day Parade or enjoy the camaraderie of watching the Huskies play in the Beanpot tournament with the Naples community. The Naples community has 1,197 alumni, 29 parents, and 40 current students.

New Hampshire

Show off your bowling skills with a strike, or make a day of it picking apples with our family-friendly programming. The New Hampshire community has 9,639 alumni, 612 current undergraduate parents, and 559 current students.

New Jersey

The Northeastern New Jersey community enjoys nothing more than gathering to cheer on the hockey team in the annual Beanpot tournament. Catch a game or explore one of the local restaurants and attractions that the Garden State has to offer with alumni, parents, and friends. The New Jersey community has 7,732 alumni, 9,735 parents, and 2,091 current students. 

New York City

New York City is home to the largest Northeastern alumni community outside of Boston. Catch the Red Sox when they come to town to play the Yankees, enjoy professor and alumni panels, or attend a social hour to network. The New York City community has 13,774 alumni, 14,869 parents, and 2,790 current students.

Palm Beach

Whether you are in Florida for the winter, or if you call the area home year round, connect with your Palm Beach community. Cheer on the Huskies during the Beanpot tournament or connect with other alumni, parents, and friends at a social event. The Palm Beach community has 1,960 alumni, 174 parents, and 167 current students. 


Welcome new co-op students to Philadelphia over dinner or find social and professional connection at a social hour. The Northeastern Philadelphia community brings together alumni, parents, and friends to connect over shared memories and experiences. The Philadelphia community has 4,178 alumni, 3,486 parents, and 665 current students. 

Rhode Island

We’re always looking for passionate Huskies to kick-start activity in our Rhode Island community, from touring mansions or vineyards in Newport, let’s gather a group together and learn something new! The Rhode Island community has 4,180 alumni, 458 current parents, and 392 current students.

San Diego

Family friendly lawn bowling, watching the annual Beanpot tournament and more is what you can experience with your Northeastern community in southern California. The San Diego community has 1,370 alumni, 218 parents, and 18 current students.

San Francisco Bay Area

From events on the Northeastern Bay Area campus to enjoying monthly social hours, make plans to join your Northeastern community in the San Francisco area. The San Francisco Bay Area community has 4,026 alumni, 869 parents, and 85 current students.


Northeastern in Seattle provides a hub for Northeastern alumni in the Pacific Northwest. Celebrate Homecoming with the community or cheer on your team when the Red Sox come to town to play the Seattle Mariners. The Seattle community currently has 2,001 alumni, 738 parents, and 463 current students to connect with and grow your network.


Have an idea for an event in Tampa? Reach out today to learn more about how you can bring exciting engagement opportunities to your Tampa Northeastern community. The Tampa community has 2,101 alumni, 142 parents, and 118 current students.


We’re on the search for excited Huskies to coordinate activities in our Vermont community, from breweries to hikes and more – what would you like to do? The Vermont community has 1,590 alumni, 44 current parents, and 130 students.

Washington DC

From taking in a Wizards game to meeting congressional members at the annual Reception on the Hill, come join your Northeastern community in the nation’s capital. The Washington DC community currently has 4,607 alumni, 785 parents, and 554 current students to connect with and grow your network.

Western Massachusetts

From tuning into film night at Tanglewood or field-tripping to the Fuller Craft Museum, Western Massachusetts is the go-to community for appreciating the arts. What spots are on your list – let’s build an agenda, together! The Western Massachusetts community has 9,085 alumni, 498 parents, and 307 current students. 

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