What makes the Northeastern experience unique is your strong, deep-rooted, global network. Whether it’s contacts you made during your co-op, personal connections you built during your coursework, or peers you engaged with as alumni – the Northeastern network is your catalyst for success. And we’re making it even more accessible with our newly launched platform: NUsource.

If you’re seeking career advice, industry insights, mentoring, or simply strengthening professional connections, NUsource is your first step. The platform is designed exclusively for Northeastern alumni and community members around the globe to connect, expand, and grow their network. 

Get ready to tap into the power of your network, and achieve what’s next!

Why choose NUsource?

NUsource is not just another networking platform. Unlike generic social platforms, NUsource is designed specifically for the Northeastern community. Everyone on the platform has opted to help or seek advice, and there are no costs for “premium” services. You already have your Northeastern experience in common. Why make a cold call when you already have a foot in the door?

You will need your Northeastern login credentials to sign-up for NUsource. If you don’t have those, please click here to find out how to access them.

What makes NUsource different?

Features NUsource LinkedIn Facebook
Create profile, share professional/educational experience X X X
Northeastern-specific contacts, groups and discussions X X X
Access to connections within your city X X X
Email/call/video conference capabilities within the platform X X
Industry expertise/advice X X
Warm connections (no cold calling; people opted in to help you) X
FREE resume review, informational interviews, advice on Northeastern lifelong learning programs X
Northeastern affinities and affiliations (Groups like Young Alumni, Latinx Affinity) X
Matching quiz to recommend connections based on interests X
Access to formal mentoring programs X


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