Go Remote with Your Resume

By Michele Rapp

Searching for hybrid or remote work, exclusively? Stand out in your candidacy by demonstrating your track record on paper and in interviews.

Summary section
Include a bullet about your remote experience:

  • Two years of experience working 100% remotely
  • Three years of managing a team from a home office
  • One year of experience in a hybrid role

Job bullets
Showcase your remote successes:

  • Managed partnerships with more than 25 clients through Salesforce from a dedicated home office
  • Exceeded company’s annual quotas by producing more than 200 pieces of content, and was recognized as a top remote employee
  • Worked with global clients in three countries
  • Initiated monthly online social events to enhance staff teambuilding and onboarding for new employees

Employer information
Indicate “remote” next to your title, rather than city or state.

Skills section
List programs you use, such as Slack, Zoom, Google Hangouts, Asana, or Wrike.

Professional development
Share webinars, conferences, and sessions you attended as well as remote work topics you presented on, such as managing a virtual team, collaboration tools, or customer strategies.

Best practices
Remember to:

  • Focus on your impact and accomplishments
  • Identify and emphasize your top skills and brand, and use transferrable skills when changing career direction
  • Devote space to the most relevant information and trim or delete the rest
  • Enhance the readability of your resume by avoiding dense or wordy bullets
  • Use layouts and formats that are easy to read

March 2, 2022

Michele Rapp, Associate Director of Alumni Career Strategy creates diverse professional development programs and networking events for alumni. She oversees the NUsource networking platform and guides alumni from diverse sectors and career stages to:

  • Clarify their direction
  • Develop an effective job search
  • Network
  • Advance their careers