Student Alumni Ambassadors

Connecting Past, Present, and Future Huskies

SAA is committed to creating and maintaining the unique bond between the students and alumni of Northeastern University; striving to offer educational, social, and character enriching activities and events for all past, present, and future Huskies.

SAA is comprised of undergraduate students representing all class years, majors, programs, and experiences. Members exemplify Northeastern pride, commitment to the university community, and an eagerness to connect current students to alumni.

As ambassadors of the Alumni Relations, SAA members are the conduit to connect students with alumni, bring awareness about opportunities students can access now and after graduation, and more importantly, make sure the Northeastern spirit lives on!

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Be Part of the Fun…Join SAA!


SAA is constantly looking for the next generation of students to advance our organization forward and to bring in fresh, new ideas. All Northeastern students who are willing to make a significant commitment and have a desire to determine the future of the organization are encouraged to apply to join SAA. You do not need to have any prior experience to join our organization. Selection occurs in the fall semester of each year.

Where do you see yourself?

Fall 2023 Selection Timeline

Tuesday, Sept. 13 (6 pm): Information Session I, 311 Ell Hall
Wednesday, Sept. 14 (6 pm): Information Session II, 300 Mass. Ave.
Monday, Sept. 19 (11:59 pm EDT): Application Deadline
Wednesday, Sept. 21: Interview Candidates Notified
Thursday, Sept. 22 – Sunday, Sept. 25: Interviews
Friday, Sept. 30: Decisions Announced
Wednesday, Oct. 5: New Member First Meeting

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Member Expectations

All SAA members are expected to:

Serve as an ambassador for Alumni Relations (AR).

Assist in the planning, marketing, hosting, and execution of student-focused events, activities, and initiatives to engage peers.

Give counsel to AR staff on matters of concern to current students, providing guidance on enhancing engagement with students.

Foster an alliance between students and alumni.

Promote university traditions.

Attend weekly meetings, retreats, and enrichment activities.

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Information Sessions

To answer any questions and give potential applicants a better idea of what SAA is, we will host two information sessions: Tuesday, Sept. 13 at 6 pm EDT at 311 in Ell Hall and Wednesday, Sept. 14 at 6 pm EDT at 300 Mass. Ave.

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Our Events + Activities

The More You Grow

Welcome to Northeastern! Pick a succulent and decorate your pot as you listen to former SAA members and alumni speak about their time at Northeastern.

Alumni Networking NIGHTS

Join us for an evening of insight! Alumni from a diverse range of backgrounds come together for conversation and learning.

Husky Hugs

A Northeastern tradition, Husky Hugs serves as a fundraiser for a local children’s hospital. Sponsor a stuffed husky for a child in need.

Mayor OF Huntington avenue

A time-honored Northeastern tradition, the Mayor of Huntington Avenue brings spirit and excitement to campus, fostering a relationship with members of Northeastern community,

Community outreach

As part of our commitment to Northeastern and the surrounding neighborhoods, SAA commits to one in-person and one off-campus service opportuniy per semester.

Who Are We

Executive Board


Aracely Alvarado, BHS’25
Steven Boehm, DMSB, Khoury’25
Rebecca Calish, DMSB’27
Antonella Caratini, BHS’25
Samantha Chong, SSH’27
Delia-Rose Constantin, DMSB’25
Carina Davis, E’25
Georgia Filler, DMSB’25
Nicholas Haugen, S’25
Bella Hohulin, S’25
Seth Holzer, SSH’26
Alexa Hughes, BHS’25
Anushka Jami, E’24
Diya Jhamtani, Khoury’26
Tanisha Joshi, Khoury’26
Eliana Katzin, S, BHS’25

Samarth Keerthivasan, S’27
Jacob Kogan, E’27
Lara Koppel, S’26
Mehatva Kukreja, DMSB, SSH’26
Luiza Leite, DMSB’25
Wyatt Mattaway, S’25
Alexa McCarren, DMSB’25
Alanna Elizabeth Moli, SSH’26
Sophia Nguyen, E’27
Sofia Odeh, E’26
Alina Oetsen, E’27
William Ouellette, DMSB’26
Sofia Palos, SSH’25
Armina Parvaresh Rizi, Khoury’26
Sarayu Pininti, DMSB’26
Daphne Savukas, DMSB’24

Harsh Singh, Khoury’27
Alexa Skolnick, DMSB’25
Helena Spofford, SSH’24
Pooja Srinivasan, S’24
Maya Steele, SSH’25
Griffin Tierney, DMSB’27
Kwong Yi Tsang, DMSB’25
Abbie Urbin, AMD’26
Olivia Vassiliou, ’28
Nathan Vroman, Khoury’25
Esha Walia, DMSB’25
Julia Weisman, DMSB’26
Ana Isabel Wirengard Gil, S’26
Caroline Xiong, DMSB’24

Advisor: C. Hawkins, Director of Student Engagement + Philanthropy, Alumni Relations and Annual Giving

Contact Us

We encourage you to reach out to us:

Email: [email protected]
Phone: 617.373.2656
Visit: Northeastern @ 300 Mass Ave (Horticulture Hall), 300 Massachusetts Ave, Boston, MA 02115

You can also connect with us on Facebook and Instagram.

Former SAA and STAT MemberS

Were you a member of SAA (Student Alumni Association or Student Alumni Ambassadors) or STAT (Students Today Alumni Tomorrow) as a student and want to reconnect? Great! We are always looking for ways to re-engage with former members and welcome your ideas. Email us at [email protected].