Compass Awards Program

The Compass Awards Program, our signature student awards program, recognizes exemplary students from the senior class who, during their time on campus, have demonstrated a true dedication to a core set of values: leadership, volunteerism, academic integrity, and commitment to Northeastern. Students who display strength in these values demonstrate to us that they are on a path to alumni leadership.

Each year, nine Compass Awards are presented. The eight undergraduate colleges are represented as well as one award representing the Office of Alumni Relations. As part of the Compass Awards program, two additional honors are made.

The Wendy Breen Kline Award, established in 1997 and named in honor of the late Wendy Breen Kline, BB’84, PAH’88, is presented to one undergraduate senior who embodies both leadership and volunteer spirit. The Garnet Award recognizes one junior or third-year undergraduate student who has demonstrated the same core values as the Compass Award recipients, making an impact in our community while showing promise for even greater success at Northeastern in the future. The Garnet Award debuted in 2014.

This program evolved from the Professional Promise Awards, a past model that was successfully established and implemented by the Alumni Association Board for several years.

2021 Awardees

Awardee Listing


Lynn Fraser, UC’02, SPCS’07, MS’08
Jessie Goldbas, AS’07 (Office of Alumni Relations)
Tera Mae Hagen-Collins, DMSB’08
Christopher Lambert, Khoury’07
Sergio Marrero, E’07
Matthieu Newton, BHS’07, DPT’08
Rogan O’Handley, CJ’07
Joelle Torregrossa, AS’07, MS’07

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Corey Ashby, E’08
Tanya Cashorali, Khoury’08
Elizabeth Cilia, SSH’08
Richard Desmond, UC’03, SPCS’08
Julia Doty, AS’08
Christopher Marshall, BHS’08, MSL’11 (Office of Alumni Relations)
Amanda O’Brien, DMSB’08
Jessica Pepin, BHS’08

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Matthew Eaton, DMSB’09
Kathleen Gillis, AS’09
Matthew Horan, Khoury’09
Jason Horton, DMSB’09 (Office of Alumni Relations)
Megan LoVullo Koster, BHS’09
Ethan Phillip LaRochelle, E’09
Arnold Phillips, CPS’09
Liza Sabine-Mathosian, AS’09

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Sarah Barone, AS’10 (Office of Alumni Relations)
Jeffrey Cumplido, AS’10
Rachel Correia, CJ’10
Colleen Gerrity, BHS’10
Brian Lepley, DMSB’10
Lindsey Mathews, E’10
John Mendelewski, Khoury’10
Isaiah Silva, CPS’08,’10

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Kay Beach, SSH’11
Samantha Sokup Ippoliti, S’11, MS’12
Martha Lefferts, BHS’11
Kenneth McGrady, Khoury’11
Jennifer Mitchell, E’11
Brian Nelson, E’11 (Office of Alumni Relations)
Maxine Roca, AMD’11
Kadeen Tyndale, CPS’10,’11, MS’17
Rani Pimentel Wise, DMSB’11

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Darren Costa, SSH’12 (Office of Alumni Relations)
Matthew Howansky, KCIS’12
Meaghan Hitt, BHS’12, DPT’13
Samuel Landsberg, DMSB’12
Kimberly Masi, E’12
Christina McMahon, CPS’12
Evan O’Toole, AMD’12
Alison Robey, S’12
Abby Wagner, SSH’12

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Alaa Alhomaizi, S’13
Dalal Alhomaizi, S’13
Jenna Battle, CPS’13
Andrew Childs, E’13, MS’13
Sarah Leahy, AMD’13 (Office of Alumni Relations)
Andrea Magri, BHS’13
Frank Marino, SSH’13
Michael May, Khoury’13
Gail Waterhouse, AMD’13, MA’17
Christopher Wolfel, DMSB’13

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Nathaniel Bessa, Khoury’14
Kristen Coletti, E’14
Caitlin Courtade, BHS’14, DPT’15
Melissa Dunbar, S’14 (Office of Alumni Relations)
Siena Falino, AMD’14
Jennifer Griffith, S’14
Sadaf Shekarkhand, DMSB’14
Lionel Shiwala, CPS’14
William Pett, SH’14, MPA’15

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Melanie Arenson, S’15
Matias Campos, BHS’15, PharmD’16
Noah Carville, SSH’16
Courtney Cowell, S’15 (Office of Alumni Relations)
Rose DeMaio, Khoury’15
Zolan Kanno-Youngs, AMD’15
Kyle Koleoglou, CPS’15
Mitzi Madrid-Diaz, DMSB’15
Ashley Tokarz, E’15, MBA’17

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Jaime E. Conway, S’16
Sarah E. DiCioccio, SSH’16 (Office of Alumni Relations)
Caleb J. Donnelly, E’16
Elise LeCrone, SSH’16
Rene Mandeville, CPS’16
Nicholas R. Martin, BHS’16
Madelyn M. Stone, AMD’16
Jeffrey A. Wallace, Khoury’16
Katie N. Wong, DMSB’16

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Alison N. Campbell, SSH’17
Katherine T. Cokorinos, AMD’17
Ryan D. Daley, CPS’17
Korrinne J. Ivey, BHS’17 (Office of Alumni Relations)
Kayla F. Joyal, BHS’17, PharmD’18
Kelli A. Lynch, E’17
Erika C. Nothnagel, DMSB’17, MS’17
Emma M. Parrish, S’17
Shivanjali Singh, Khoury’17

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Corinne C. Bowers, E’18
Timothy M. Foley, AMD’18
Elliot A. Horen, Khoury’18
Kathryn E. Larkin, S’18
Diana J. Ojeda, CPS’18
Suchira Sharma, DMSB’18 (Office of Alumni Relations)
Taylor N. Straatmann, SSH’18
Tejas S. Vora, DMSB’18
Brandon D. Yip, BHS’18

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Alya Abourezk, AMD’19
Maura Eaton, BSH’19
Maria Franko, E’19, MS’19
Katherine Hayes, DMSB’19
Daniel Lim, DMSB’19 (Office of Alumni Relations)
Vishal Makhijani, SSH’19
Jessica Merritt, Khoury’19
Jameson O’Reilly, S’19
Olga Tiatina, CPS’19

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Marley Arborico, Khoury’20
Alex Bender, E’20 (Office of Alumni Relations)
Tara Boyle, DMSB’20
Carlos Garcia, CPS’20
Casey Greenleaf, SSH’20
Jamie McGloin, BHS’20
Katelyn Ripley, E’20
Hana Shaprio, S’20
Tia Thomson, AMD’20

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Wendy Breen Kline Award

2007: Erika Sanchez, SSH’07
2008: Caitlin C. Bowring, AS’08, MA’08
2009: Julie Miller, AS’09
2010: Rachel Sherman, AS’10
2011: Lindsay Tremblay, SSH’11
2012: Carolina Prieto, AMD’12
2013: Elise Funke, S’13
2014: Heather Viola, SSH’14
2015: Kayla Hazel, BHS’16, DPT’17
2016: Nicholas P. Polanchik, S’16
2017: Miranda S. Beggin, DMSB’17
2018: Payton A. Schenck, SSH’18, MS’19
2019: Rebecca Green, SSH’18
2020: Zipporah Osei, Khoury’20

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Garnet Award

2014: Nicole Bourque, BHS’15, MS’17
2015: Dan Calacci, Khoury’16
2016: Thurston E. Brevett, E’18
2017: Gabrielle M. St.Jarre, BHS’18
2018: John J. Lovett III, SSH’19
2019: Stephen Alt, Khoury’21
2020: Gabriel García, SSH’21

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