Standing Up for Comedy feat. Elke Thoms

Meet Elke Thoms, a graduate of the College of Social Sciences and Humanities in 2018 and currently a stand-up comedian and writer based in Los Angeles. Elke’s comedic journey began during her time at Northeastern after taking classes at Improv Boston, igniting a passion for the art of comedy. With a captivating stage presence, Elke has been performing standup all over the country at venues including The Comedy Store, Second City, Laugh Factory, and Boston Improv. Her creative expression also extends to the realm of poetry, with a selection of her poems having been published in esteemed Boston-based publications. Learn more as we dive into Elke’s journey from a tour guide at Northeastern University to an exciting career in stand-up comedy, while hearing her take on the Hollywood writer’s strike as it extends well into its second month.

Download the transcript here.