Kade Krichko

If sports journalism makes you think of box scores and game recaps, you are only scratching the surface. Kade Krichko, AMD’12, is a freelance writer, editor, and photojournalist who makes a living traveling the world and chasing stories. Covering skateboarding in Cuba, and the history of skiing in China, he writes with a unique lens at the intersection of sports and culture and is published in The New York Times, ESPN, Outside Online and more. Kade is also an editor for Northeastern’s Game Plan, a student-run publication exploring the future of sports journalism. During the pandemic, we have seen live sports grind to a halt, and while fans have to adapt, so does the journalism industry. Listen to hear Kade’s experience living in Spain when COVID-19 hit Europe and what he is working on next.

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Episode aired June 16, 2020