The Return of Rian Finnegan

Rian Finnegan, a 2011 graduate of the College of Arts, Media and Design, returns to the Northeastern Next podcast with two years worth of stories and accomplishments. Currently the Head of Employer Brand and Recruitment Marketing at Snap, Rian additionally runs the Little Loaf Bakeshop in Poughkeepsie, New York, a vegan bakery that moonlights as an independent music venue. Learn more about the state of the tech industry and how a small business can make a big impact on the local community!

A Tale of Two Huskies feat. Ioana Good & Bianca Vranceanu

Meet Ioana Good, a 2000 graduate from the College of Arts, Media, and Design and the College of Social Sciences and Humanities, and Bianca Vranceanu, a 2022 graduate of the College of Arts, Media and Design! After founding the PR and Branding Agency, Promova, Ioana wanted to give back to her alma mater, to which she accredits much of her success. In early 2020, Ioana started offering co-op positions, and Bianca joined as the first intern for a position in PR & Marketing. Since then, Bianca has transitioned into a full-time role and Promova has launched an innovative new software, Find A Rainmaker, that helps companies quickly identify PR and BD leaders and form impactful teams. Learn about the growth of Promova, the benefits of the co-op program from the student and employer perspective, and Bianca’s special talent!

Explore it! feat. David Fatula

Meet Dave Fatula, a 2001 D’Amore-McKim School of Business graduate and founder of a one-of-a-kind guided hiking business! After 20 years behind a desk, Dave gave up his career in the world of real estate finance to launch his own business and pursue his passion for the great outdoors. As the owner and operator of Guineafowl Adventure Company, Dave seeks to remove the obstacles one faces when looking to explore nature. How do I get to the mountains? What kind of shoes do I need? What gear is required for a successful hike? Dave and his team of experienced, safety-trained guides can answer all of these questions, plus many more! To book a hike with Guineafowl Adventure Company today, visit

“Anything Is Possible if you Will It”: A Regulatory Affairs Conversation feat. Dr. Nash Hernandez

Meet Dr. Nash Hernandez, GC’07, MSc’07, PhD’09! With a career spanning nearly three decades, Dr. Nash is currently a member of the board of directors for GloboScience, a pharmaceutical and medical technology consultancy. Focusing on rare diseases, gene therapy, cell therapy, and advanced tissue products, Dr. Nash has utilized his unique background of marketing and biology to bring health products from a mere idea to an entrepreneurial reality. Learn more about Dr. Nash’s Northeastern journey as a triple husky and how he plans to expand his business by creating health products using new technology like Artificial Intelligence.

A Triple Husky’s Co-op Journey feat. CJ Grasso

Meet CJ Grasso, B.A.’16, M.S.’17, MBA’22. CJ began his journey at Northeastern as a business major. However, during his first co-op at a small law firm, he realized the need for change and found a new passion in community resilience and homeland security. A triple husky, CJ stays in touch with his co-op coordinator and continues to visit the university—he acts as a resource to co-op students by providing advice on topics such as effective interviewing and workplace leadership. Learn more about CJ’s experiences throughout his time at Northeastern and how they’ve positioned him for success within his current role at the management consulting and leadership development firm McChrystal Group.

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Standing Up for Comedy feat. Elke Thoms

Meet Elke Thoms, a graduate of the College of Social Sciences and Humanities in 2018 and currently a stand-up comedian and writer based in Los Angeles. Elke’s comedic journey began during her time at Northeastern after taking classes at Improv Boston, igniting a passion for the art of comedy. With a captivating stage presence, Elke has been performing standup all over the country at venues including The Comedy Store, Second City, Laugh Factory, and Boston Improv. Her creative expression also extends to the realm of poetry, with a selection of her poems having been published in esteemed Boston-based publications. Learn more as we dive into Elke’s journey from a tour guide at Northeastern University to an exciting career in stand-up comedy, while hearing her take on the Hollywood writer’s strike as it extends well into its second month.

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The Spirit of Radio: The Story of Rush and Women in Media

Meet Donna Halper, College of English‘69, College of Community and Counseling‘70, and College of English‘73! A remarkable trailblazer in the world of radio and music, Donna made Northeastern history in 1968 as the first female DJ of WRBB. One of Donna’s most significant contributions came in the early 1970s when she played a vital role in discovering the legendary rock band Rush. Recognizing their immense talent, Donna championed their music and gave them their initial airtime on US radio waves. Donna’s passion for music and broadcasting led her to work as a DJ across the United States, music director, radio consultant, and media historian. Learn more about how this future Massachusetts Broadcaster’s Hall of Fame Pioneer Award-winner utilized her experiences learned early-on at Northeastern to help shape her journey as a pioneer for women on the radio, and how she’s continuing to amplify the voices of women in media today.

Image courtesy of Lesley University

Think Outside the Box(y) feat. Hannah Ung

Meet Hannah Ung, DMSB’23! The founder of one of Boston’s most innovative startup companies, Boxy, Hannah has been helping college students find storage through a host’s underutilized space since 2022. With the support of Northeastern’s entrepreneurial network, Hannah has grown Boxy through market research and building a rapport with customers in the area, all of which helped her win a Women Who Empower Innovator Award this year. Learn more about her entrepreneurial journey, the impact of her Northeastern experience, and the exciting future of Boxy.

Compound Interest: The Eight Wonder of the World

Meet Mike Troxell, DMSB‘10, Principal and Founder of Modern Financial Planning. After working in finance and wealth management, Mike opened a financial planning business in 2018 that serves millennials and Gen X in the tech industry. He completed two co-ops throughout his time at Northeastern, including one at Merrill Lynch on Wall Street during the peak of the 2008 financial crisis. Mike talks about the impression Merrill Lynch’s then-CEO made on him while on co-op and how that impression has stuck with him today. His work has garnered a lot of attention from the industry, including being named a Top 100 Financial Advisor of 2022 by Investopedia. Listen as Mike discusses the importance of compound interest, diversifying your portfolio, and establishing cash reserves.

All the (Paris) Possibilities

Meet Gina V. Dunn, CSSH’06, CPS’13! A double-husky, Gina lives by the philosophy of to not just learn for school, but for life. Being a self-described lifelong learner, Gina has an eclectic resume and diverse career history—from surviving the 2008 recession to writing Paris Possibilities, her new innovative and informative guidebook for those visiting the city for the first time. Learn how Gina used her Northeastern experience as a vessel for different career paths. 

The Northeastern Next podcast showcases the stories, talents, and thoughtful insights of our university’s current and future alumni. In each episode, we will learn about their journey and hear what they plan to achieve next.