TradingPro S.A

TradingPro, as a company, was created in response to the demands and opportunities of the international market for perishable foodstuffs and related services, in order to provide a specialized service to detect and determine the best suppliers of the same in Guatemala. All this, to satisfy the technical requirements of food and value added products trade, with production and capacity to get closer to the final consumer in international markets.

Founded by CPS ’12 Carmen Zelaya is a playful professional development company on a mission to help people and businesses work with better information and more joy. We offer highly engaging workshops, training, events, leadership development, and short/long-term consulting that meets you and your organization where you’re at and gets you to where you want to be.

Founded and operated by Maddy Gabor, CSSH 2010

Natalie Noack

Discover a groundbreaking solution for Instagram engagement – Social Growth Engine. Our platform offers an exceptional tool designed to elevate your Instagram engagement effortlessly. With a focus on creating remarkable content, our cost-effective solution is priced at under $36 per month. Built to be reliable, powerful, and fully compliant with Instagram’s policies, Social Growth Engine has delivered remarkable results for countless users. Experience the power of Social Growth Engine and unlock the full potential of your Instagram strategy today.

Founded and operated by Natalie Noack, NUSL’ 19

Financial Advisor – Northwestern Mutual

Northwestern Mutual partners with successful professionals and families to help them establish financial freedom. By laying out their short term goals and long-term dreams and working in a consultative manner to help build a tangible bridge to achieve these goals. Northwester Mutual provides full comprehensive planning that includes risk management, task mitigation and wealth accumulation strategies. I engage with my clients on a regular basis throughout the year to ensure we are pivoting and adjusting their plan as needed in order to be most effective.

Founded and operated by Nicole Pesce, DMSB ’12

Amplify My Wealth

Starting Amplify My Wealth is fueled by the desire to provide fiduciary advice to help young adults and women along their financial journey, regardless of their net worth, whether living paycheck-to-paycheck or with millions in the bank. As a fiduciary fee-only financial advisor, Amplify My Wealth removes barriers by not charging a percentage for assets under management, and remove conflicts of interest by not selling any financial or insurance products or earning commissions or referral fees. Please email [email protected] for a complimentary consultation.

Owned and Operated by Alissa Krasner Maizes, CSSH ’90. Currently offering a special package for Husky students and new graduates.

Kujichagulia Wellness Center

Kujichagulia Wellness Center provide therapeutic interventions and counseling services that facilitate healing from trauma. They strive to reconcile the effects of racial trauma within Black bodies and minds.

Founded and operated by Jerrica Raspberry Lawson, CSSH ’11

Lilith & Co.

Financial Services firm that provides financial education to disenfranchised groups. Advising and consulting to families, professionals and small businesses. FinTech products built for financial institutions.

The Digital SLP, LLC

The Digital SLP® is a digital library of resources created for speech-language pathologists looking to increase productivity, minimize waste, and maximize student engagement.

Founded and operated by Jessica Cassity, BHS’07


At Fihri, their mission is clear: ensuring global access to sustainable period products for women and girls. They
approach this commitment through three core initiatives—disaster relief, organizing sustainable period kit
creation events such as Period Palooza, and driving student sponsorship programs. Recognizing that 500
million people worldwide face monthly challenges in accessing period products, hindering their education and
work opportunities, Fihri strives to make a meaningful impact through these essential programs. Join them in
fostering a world where every individual has equitable access to menstrual health resources.

Founded and operated by Ceylan Rowe ’03


GlobeFlow is a company that focuses on connecting people who need help with immigration services, with immigration law firms, and immigration attorneys. GlobeFlow allows international students to help extend their visas, obtain work authorization, and help with possible immigration the the US. Since Northeastern has one of the largest communities international communities in the world, there is a constant demand among students with help regarding immigration services.

Founded and operated by Temirlan Nurtayev, College of Engineering ’26