Original Madras Trading Company

Original Madras Trading Company is a 3rd generation family business. While continuing our business of making and supplying both fabrics and garments from southern India to brands around the world through our New York office, we have initiated a new project making a range of clothing using exclusively hand woven cloth. True to the spirit of my grandfather, our handloom project is a way to remind people of the rich origin story of Madras cloth and its profound ties to both the American and Indian societies and their two tremendously distinct and yet interwoven cultures.

Founded by Prasan Shah SSH 2016

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Find Your/self Boxes

Find Your/self Boxes is a queer-owned, mental health focused, self-care box company, created to promote good mental health, because mental health is something we ALL have. When it comes to mental health struggles or tough days though, people don’t always know what to do or what to say. Opening the door to talk about mental health doesn’t come with a guide. Find Your/self Boxes serves as an easy way for people to send love and care to those in their life who may be struggling or who need a little pick me up, by offering customizable and curated self-care boxes, filled with research backed wellness products that promote healing. Our goal is to make real self-care for real people. Self-care isn’t all green smoothies and lotus poses, it’s about finding the things that make a person feel well and helping them incorporate those things into their daily life.

Founded by Mallory Gothelf, S 2017

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Banzo Brands

We mindfully innovate to offer access to inclusive snack choices that are good for both you and the planet. Banzo Butter is our flagship product, which is a garbanzo bean spread that mimics the taste and texture of nut butter, but WITHOUT the top 14 food allergens or gluten. It is also vegan!

Founded by Amy Andes, S 2017

The Resume Chic & Co.

Boutique resume writing firm specializing in early career entry-level, mid-level professional, new and tenured leaders’, and executive resumes. The Resume Chic & Co. offers resume scanning, keyword enhancement, and LinkedIn optimization to boost your chances of getting interviews. Enhance your online presence with your custom career marketing documents.

Founded and operated by, Jheneal McDuffle CPS’12

Drink Simple

Drink Simple was founded by two dedicated triathletes, Kate Weiler and Jeff Rose, brought together by their passion for whole foods, nutrition and endurance sports.

The duo discovered the subtly sweet taste and naturally hydrating benefits of maple water while traveling to Quebec to compete in the Ironman Mont-Tremblant triathlon. At first taste and after experiencing the hydrating benefits firsthand, they were hooked. Following their Canadian adventure, they sought to find a pure maple water source in the United States.

Founded and operated by Kate Weiler, CPS’13

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California Caviar

California Caviar Company is a global leader in the production of sustainably farmed caviar, supplying top chefs and caviar connoisseurs worldwide. Owned and operated by Deborah Keane—the “Caviar Queen”—a renowned tastemaker and caviar master who built a fully vertically integrated spawn-to-serving enterprise. Keane’s commitment to preserving the world’s delicate resources, coupled with a passion for producing the finest, premium caviar, sets a new standard for the caviar industry. We believe caviar should be an everyday indulgence.

Founded and operated by Deb Keane, BHS’86

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Crafts Zone Studio

Hello and welcome to Crafts Zone Studio. We are the first multi-project DIY studio in the United States. We offer a wide range of projects you can enjoy while creating customized, unique gifts for your significant others, including Decoden Cream Crafting, Fluid Art, Texture Painting, Tufting Carpet, and DIY Clothes, DIY Bags, DIY Candle, DIY Plasters, Perler Beads and more.

Founded and operated by Ye Tian, DMSB 2015

Addition Beauty

Addition Beauty is a femtech company that creates makeup with fertility and pregnancy in mind. Our mission is to empower women with nontoxic, hormone-friendly makeup and the knowledge to select safer personal care products through life’s stage without compromising beauty.

Founded and operated by Michelle Calderon, DMSB 2021

Bake it Till You Make it

Bake it Till You Make it LLC is a community-based organization dedicated to destigmatizing mental illness, normalizing mental health conversation, and promoting authentic healing and recovery. Bake it Till You Make it LLC seeks to connect people through food and baking, making “difficult conversation” more palatable, comfortable and even fun! Bake it TIll You Make it does this through live cooking demonstrations, mental health presentations, community food events and the publication of mental health cookbooks.

Founded by Dayna Altman SSH 2015, BCH 2018

Peak State

Like coffee? How about coffee with benefits? Peak State has introduced a line of premium whole bean coffees enriched with superfoods to bring a boost of benefits to your morning routine. A light roast with added brain health, a medium roast that offers immune support, and dark roast to support stress, Peak State harnesses the untapped superfood potential of “functional mushrooms” and infuses them into whole bean coffee to pack nutrients and benefits into your morning bean routine.

Founded and operated by Danny Walsh, E 2015, MBA 2018

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