REV*D Indoor Cycling

At Rev’d, our mission is to help you achieve your best self, both mentally and physically, by providing you with a supportive culture and motivating instruction. Our signature Rev’d Ride is a 45 minute, athletically-challenging, body-changing experience. We focus on the rhythm of the music and how it drives you to overcome the obstacles of resistance and position. This is your moment. This is your movement.

Founded and operated by Meaghan St. Marc, AMD’10

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Reya Communications

We are REYA Communications, a boutique Public Relations agency serving the luxury travel industry. Founded by Travel PR veterans Alexandra Avila and Julie Leventhal, REYA combines our passions for working with independent and family-owned hotels and operators. Our drive comes from knowing that more than ever hospitality and travel brands need a strong communications and recovery strategy in a loud media landscape. We position ourselves to work with travel brands providing the best in service to their guests, but also their communities and environments. We believe the power of public relations can generate quality media awareness, but also recognition and support for the social impact travel brands are making locally.

Founded and operated by Alexandra Avila, DMSB’10

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Rozzie Bound

Rozzie Bound is a dynamic indie bookstore and community gathering space that is cooperatively owned and operated by worker owners and consumer members.  Our mission is to strengthen community by fostering the joy of reading and connecting readers with books that inspire creativity, critical thinking, and civic engagement.  Check out our Rozzie Bound Popup book signings!

Founded and operated by Roy Karp, L 2002 and Courtney Feeley Karp, L 2002

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Remote taxes and accounting done right!

Founded and operated in Alaska by Kay Patersson CPS 2010

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Scent2Go (S2G), a single-use, travel size toilet fragrance sachet, which provides consumers a discreet on-the-go solution in preventing toilet odors from escaping the toilet bowl. S2G is produced using pure essential oils and natural minerals, delivering a refreshing fragrance. S2G was designed and created to serve those who need to frequent the bathroom, oftentimes outside of the comfort of their own homes. Inflammatory bowel diseases (IBD), which includes Crohn’s disease and Ulcerative Colitis, affect as many as 1.6 million Americans. These chronic, life-long conditions can be managed, but not cured. S2G offers a discreet solution to empower the millions who are seeking to alleviate bathroom anxieties while on-the-go.

Founded and operated by Sherif Barakat, SSH 2010

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Seaspire Skincare

We are pioneering a new category of disruptive, multifunctional materials that support human health and environmental safety.

Founded and operated by Camille Martin and Leila Deravi

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Senior Healthcare Planning Group

Senior Healthcare Planning Group offers a portfolio of Medicare health plan products using a solutions’ based sales approach to assist seniors in selecting the product which best suits their individual clinical, financial, and life stage needs. I am available to meet one-on-one with Medicare-eligible beneficiaries as well as to conduct informational Community Meetings.

Founded and operated by Paul Gilpin, SSH 1979

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Shamaa is a home décor & candle brand.

First of its kind, Shamaa, wants to disrupt table and home decor with an elegant masterpiece that creates a wow effect instantly and twists any set up or any home.

Shamaa steps out in the industry with its master piece which comes in two size 60cm and 120cm long wood boards with 26 or 52 candles. Dubai.

Founded by Yasmine Ghannam CCS 2020


SilRay empowers small and midsize businesses to take control of their electricity supply. We provide commercial solar solutions that use the most advanced technology available in the marketplace, supported by a full range of services including financing, design, engineering, construction and maintenance.

Our client-sided approach makes project implementation fast and easy, and typically delivers a return on investment in 4 years or less. Today, SilRay customers are collectively reinvesting millions of dollars back into their businesses by lowering their energy costs, while reducing their carbon footprints.

Founded and operated by April Zhong, AS’96

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silver lake digital

Silver Lake Digital

Silver Lake Digital is a boutique media and marketing consulting practice. They help companies large and small with media buying and marketing technology selection and implementation. They also help small companies with fractional CMO services.

Founded and operated by Erin Yasgar, AMD 1991

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simply the best by nicole

 Back in may 2021, I decided to follow my dream and start my own small business. It was an easy decision to make jewelry – I have always loved how a certain piece makes that outfit just right. But what I really loved was how certain pieces can hold special meanings – either from a memory or who it was from.  Now, I want to share my designs with you. It could be a piece that will make that outfit just right -  whether it's for jeans and a t-shirt or for a wedding - we truly have something for each occasion. Or maybe you are like me and need that special reminder of someone or something in your life. We pride ourselves on custom designs to find that special item just for you.

Founded and operated by Nicole Bekerian, DMSB 2008

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Sincerely, Bade is a woman-led company which offers handcrafted, botanically luxe body care that relieves, restores and relaxes. They’re Harlem based, sustainably sourced and driven to cultivate more transparency around whole body wellness.

Founded and operated by Jasmine-Symone Gates, AMD 2013

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skincareforall product

Skin Care for All (MSuprin MK)

Skin Care for All (MSuprin MK) specializes in skin care and color cosmetics for all. Our skin care lines include Naturally, Timewise Age-Minimizing, Botanical Effects, Clear Proof (mild to moderate acne) as well as our Men’s line. A full suite of high quality color cosmetics are also available. Contact the owner for a complimentary virtual facial.

Founded and operated by Melissa Suprin, CPS 2021

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Slate Logo

Slate Milk

Slate Milk is the first line of all-natural, low sugar, high protein, lactose-free chocolate milks. The canned chocolate milks (classic, dark, and espresso flavored) are designed especially for adults. Not that kids can’t drink it; it’s just crafted with health, fitness and wellness in mind. You may recognize the sleek cans from ABC’s Shark Tank. Each 11-ounce can boasts 17 grams of protein, 120 to 130 calories and only has 9 grams of sugar (75% less sugar than regular chocolate milk). Use code NORTHEASTERN10 to receive 10% off.

Founded and operated by Josh Belinsky, DMSB 2018 & Manny Lubin, AMD 2015

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SMR Logo

SMR Consulting, Inc.

SMR Consulting, they believe they have the power to provide you with the best IT services at a cost-effective rate. SMR Consulting specializes in serving the IT needs of small and midsize Boston and MetroWest area businesses. They also have clients throughout the United States and in multiple international markets. They have worked with more than 250 companies in their nearly 20-year history and have seen and managed every IT-related challenge your company is likely to face. They are here to find the right solution, at a cost effective rate. They care about doing what is best for you, and they are proud of their near-perfect client retention record. IT Consulting.

Founded and operated by Andrew Cohen, AS 1986

SooLin’s Paper Shtuff

Fun paper shtuff - stickers, prints, and more!

Founded and operated by SooLin Kim, BHS'17

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Stella Cove Boutique

Stella Cove Boutique is comprised of designs hand-drawn and professionally printed to make fun and happy shirts, sweatshirts, and stickers. The brand was built to bring vibrant colors, positive vibes and smiles into the lives of each customer. CA.

Founded and operated by Casey Vaughan, CPS 2020

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Style Method NYC

The Style Method is an online personal styling firm designed to create confident, authentic and customized wardrobes for both men and women. No two people or closets are the same. Over the past 20 years, the founder, Amy Salinger, has created a logical, easy to follow system focused on a stress-free shopping and styling experience. The Style Method makes looking and feeling fabulous easy. Get it right the first time. Use code Northeastern to receive a discount. Contact Amy to learn more about joining an introductory session.

Founded and operated by Amy Salinger, AMD 2002

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Suite Bella, LLC

Suite Bella, LLC is a team of three makeup artists who provide on demand makeup services and workshops to women in Massachusetts. Suite Bella’s expertise ranges from bridal, photo-shoots, formal events, fashion shows, special effects and hands on makeup workshops. The team created this mobile platform to offer an in-home experience for clients who wish to get their makeup done without the inconvenience of having to go to a retailer. Suite Bella also offers their own brand of eyelashes with seven different styles available for purchase.

Co-Founded by Yari DeJesus, CSSH 2021

Surge Employment Solutions

Surge Employment Solutions sources, trains, and places formerly incarcerated individuals in highly skilled jobs.

Supported by Eric Tuttle, CPS’22

Sweet Piglet Bakery + Café

Sweet Piglet is a mother and daughter owned bakery specializing in Asian-inspired desserts, snacks and drinks. From ube crepe cake to Japanese onigiri to Thai milk tea, we have a little something for everyone. In our little store, sweet dreams come true!

Founded and operated by Meghan Phan, CSH'2023

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Talix & Company

Founded by Sheena Newman, DMSB’14

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Tenuta Santo Pietro

Tentua Santo Pietro is proud to offer a limited supply of our delicious olive oil, truffle oil, balsamic vinegar, other agricultural products, most of which are grown and produced on our property using sustainable farming methods, directly to our customers.

Our property is home to over 1,100 olive trees of four indigenous varietals. The trees range in age from 25 years to well over 100 years. We pick all our olives by hand, using traditional methods which ensure that the fruit is at its best when we cold press it, the same day the olives are picked from the trees.

Founded and operated by Whitney Savignano, CHS'96

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The Beverly Lyons Real Estate Agency

The Beverly Lyons Real Estate Agency is a family-owned brokerage in New Jersey. They provide assistance and expertise with rentals, sales, and commercial investments across the entire state.

Founded and operated by James Lyons, SSH 2021

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The Mailbox Place logo

The Mailbox Place

The Mailbox Place is your one-stop-shop for all your packing supplies and shipping needs!

Founded and operated by Steve Navas, DMSB 2001

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The Resume Chic & Co.

Boutique resume writing firm specializing in early career entry-level, mid-level professional, new and tenured leaders’, and executive resumes. The Resume Chic & Co. offers resume scanning, keyword enhancement, and LinkedIn optimization to boost your chances of getting interviews. Enhance your online presence with your custom career marketing documents.

Founded and operated by, Jheneal McDuffle CPS'12

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The Will Fairy

As a 1st generation Latina, I grow up not knowing about generation wealth or the importance of a will. I was in my late 40s before I started to get a clue. I do not want entrepreneurs and leaders to go through what I went through. Let's take control of your generational wealth today. I am available in English, Spanish, and American Sign Language.

Founded and operated by JO Welch CSH 1997

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The Wiress

I explore how womxn around the world use, define, and change technology.

I am on the quest to find the newest & shiniest products and services open to womxnkind. And, of course, it doesn’t hurt to see some big WINS along the way!

We see email as the direct-to-consumer content digest. No more fighting against those pesky algorithms! 🦾

Is email sexy? No. What is? The womxn’s modern experience in tech. From start(up) and beyond.

Better yet – We believe so much in what we’re doing, we see Wiress as a platform to invest your social capital. Interested in becoming an investor?

Become a V-Scout. Learn how to scout, seal and nurture your social deals.

The Wiress mission is to empower womxn as consumers, designers, funders, and lovers of the lifestyles and brands around “technology.”

Founded and operated by Emily Herrera, AMD’22

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Third Piece

Third Piece is a knitwear company that designs, curates and educates through the art of knitting. True to our namesake, a third piece is the essential piece that completes your look. In addition to knitwear, pieces within our Brands We Love, a collection share our core values of supporting women-owned businesses, showcase handmade artisans or products that are rooted in wellness.
We believe in the uplifting benefits of knitting. Knitting sparks our creativity and provides mindful rhythmic motions that leave us in a more positive state of mental wellbeing. We invite you to try it!

Founded and operated by Kristen Lambert, DMSB 2011

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Tracflo is a B2B SaaS online platform that allows contractors to track, input, and manage change orders in one simple place, saving time and money.

TracFlo reduces the financial liability on the construction sites by reducing the number of outstanding Change orders. Their digital approval platform reduces the capital lost because of poor documentation by 10%, speeds up approval time and payment by 45 days, and saves project staff 10hrs weekly usually spent in email and excel.

By capturing the change order workflow approval process, They gain an understanding of how project costs are changing. They use their proprietary dataset of project material and labor costs to build cost prediction machine learning tools. These tools help to identify leading indicators for when a project or company may need more access to capital because of unexpected capital needs triggered by change orders

Founded and operated by Anjaneya Naik, E 2019

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An on-the-go-meal has never been tastier!

Biltong is a delicious, high-protein & sugar-free South African jerky. With up to double as much protein than comparable beef jerky brands and zero grams of sugar per serving, TrekVleis biltong makes the perfect healthy adventure companion for on-the-go or at-home snacking. Whether you’re climbing a mountain, snacking at your home office or picnicking with friends—munch mindfully while savoring life’s adventures.

Founded and operated by Alejandro Smal, CAMD 2017

Twist of Lemons

What began as a hobby, my site and its associated social media fingerlings are now a pun-packed passion. Since healthy food has been genetically passed on to me (see: last name Lemons), I use this platform to present all of my favorite recipes and habits with a twist – foods and behaviors that taste good and make you feel good; it should never have to be one or the other. I’m also using this site as an excuse to post my favorite food puns. It’d be a KALEamity not to, you know?

Founded and operated by Katie Lemons, BHS’19

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Throughout the years, the ready to wear clothing industry has asked us to “fit in, to stand out” in order to love ourselves, but it has never consistently guaranteed that clothes will fit the way they were meant to. In an age where we can customize almost anything, conveniently finding your size when shopping online has yet to become accessible to the average consumer, and it is not for lack of demand. In a market space of 30 million bodies to clothe and a 2 billion dollar market opportunity size, unsize uses the intersection of technology and design to provide immediate services to find customers clothes that fit and feel good.

Founded and operated by Katie Wilhoit, SSH’19

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urban village logo

Urban Village Legal

Urban Village Legal PC is a real estate law firm that helps smart property owners become savvy investors. Whether buying a home or managing an investment portfolio, our clients rely on our counsel to mitigate risk, make informed decisions, and plan for the future. That means they are there for you from your first closing and stay with you for the tough decisions, the unexpected challenges, and the big opportunities of real estate ownership. Legal Services.

Founded and operated by Rory Gill, L 2011


Volunteer Science, Inc.

Volunteer Science is a software platform for creating online social, behavioral, and health studies and recruiting participants around the world.

Founded and operated by Jason Radford, Director - Social Design Lab, Northeastern University

WE Empower

WE Empower is an empowerment coaching community focused on confidence, body positivity, and movement. The founder, Wendy, focuses on coaching women to go from insecure and uncomfortable in their bodies to confident, accepting and free. She teaches women to ditch the scale, stop hating their body, and how to live a body confident life.

Founded and operated by Wendy Eaton, CPS 2021

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We’re Into It

Based out of Boston, We’re Into It was started by college besties Amelia and Natasha.

We sell a collection of hand lettered and designed prints, cards, totes, signs, you name it! We love working with clients to create custom designed pieces for events, weddings, and home decor. Our work is inspired by the things we’re into, whether that be wine and cheese, traveling, or just classic, beautiful lettering on its own. To put it simply: we love picking up a pen and creating work that makes people smile!

We’re into it and we hope you’re into it, too!

Founded and operated by Natasha Taylor, SSH’12 and Amelia Rossi

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Whisper Designs

About Whisper Designs
Jewelry comes in many shapes, colors, sizes, and materials. With an infinite possibility of combinations and styles, we set out to make jewelry that tells your story in your voice, at the right volume.

We don’t believe that your pieces should be so loud that it drowns out the rest of your ensemble. It also shouldn’t be so quiet that it struggles to make a statement. Your jewelry should complete your look.

Striking the right balance between fun, elegance, and personality is our ultimate goal. With the understanding jewelry should be an extension of who you are, we painstakingly craft eclectic pieces with you in mind.

We’ve been honored to be featured in Boston Fashion Week, Providence Style Week and Raw Artist Boston events.

Founded and operated by Shereen Russell, CAMD 2000

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A country needs to invest in its women. The value of human capital – the share of human capital in total wealth – is 62 percent. That’s four times the value of produced capital and 15 times the value of natural capital. Historically, education has been a catalyst for positive change. No country can achieve sustainable economic development without substantial investment.

We are developing an online learning community that models the education, support and empowerment that those women lucky enough to attend women’s only colleges have received, but we need your help! Please take our quick survey to help us understand how to best serve your needs.

Founded and operated by Mary Ciampa, DMSB’92

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Woods Financial Services logo

Woods Financial Services

Woods Financial Services offers income tax preparation, tax audit representation, tax and transactional planning. San Diego based.

Founded and operated by David Woods, DMSB 1997 & 2000



YogaHub brings virtual yoga and meditation classes to offices, conferences, and residential apartment complexes.

Founded and operated by Ali Singer, AMD 2012

Zanzibar Capital

Zanzibar Capital is a Real Estate Investment Firm focused on value-add opportunities in the Greater Boston Area.

Founded and operated by Eric Doroski, COS 2019 and Nitzan Mokady, COE 2020

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