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Improving service in the nightlife industry

Alumnus Julian Jung is the founder and CEO of Tablelist.

Jung is the founder and CEO of Tablelist, a platform that levels the playing field and lets anyone book table/bottle service at their favorite nightclub. The company was founded only two years ago but is already booking millions of dollars in table service through hundreds of venues in Boston, New York City, San Francisco, Las Vegas, Foxwoods, and the Hamptons.

Prior to founding Tablelist, Jung was a real estate broker specializing in high end real estate sales/rentals and investment property. While an undergrad at Northeastern University, Jung executed over $500,000 in rental transactions and sold over $30 million in investment property. Jung stands out for his natural ability to take large, calculated risks.

“I had to give Tablelist my all, it is wild to see it come from the IDEA lab to seven cities.”

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