Regardless of where you are, your Northeastern network is there for you. Bond, socialize, learn, or build personal connections with your community and the global Northeastern network. Find an event to attend.

11.5.20 | 6-6:45pm

1st Thursday: East and West Cost Trivia Night

11.5.20 | 12-1pm

How Technology and Innovation are Shaping the Entrepreneurial Journey

Come ready for 30 minutes of networking. After a brief talk, by our hosts Laurie Bishop and April Zhong, we will initiate breakout rooms to continue the conversation. Share stories, ask questions, and make new industry connections. The co-hosts for our event are: ·Laurie Bishop, COE'91, Program Manager, Health Science Entrepreneurs as well as April Zhong, MS’96 : Founder and the CEO of SilRay, Inc

10.28.20 | 12-1pm

Navigating Bias: Control Your Career Destiny

Jenn Tardy, Career Coach + Diversity Recruitment Trainer, has coached thousands of job seekers to navigate the bias baked into the standard hiring process so that more marginalized populations (i.e., women, people of color, veterans, LGBTQ+, and the differently-abled) have access to the information needed to land careers they love. In this interactive session, Tardy will show you how to control your own career destiny by teaching the seven actions that will help you to navigate common areas of organizational bias so you are able to get to the next level at your company (and future companies).

9.30.20 | 12-1:30pm

Reach Out for Your Career

Whether your goal is to change jobs, start in a new industry, land a promotion, grow your business or get a mentor, this webinar will help you turn career dreams into professional success by helping you connect with others who can put you on the fast track.

9.30.20 | 12pm - 10.14.20 | 12:27pm

Reach Out Party

Looking for a more in-depth experience? In addition to the webinar, you’ll join the Northeastern-exclusive Reach Out Party that starts the next day. During each of the 9 daily meetings you’ll make meaningful connections, participate in a close community, and make the time to make the change you seek. Discover how to increase your impact and solidify the skills and practice of your reach out strategy with this customized experience, available only to Northeastern community members at a discounted rate of $99.

9.22.20 | 1:00PM EDT

Easy Zoom Style: Looking Your Best Online

Join fashion expert Amy Salinger, AMD’02, to learn how to look your stylish for both internal and external online meetings, with a focus on combining comfort, function and style. Amy will share advice and images about what is chic, appropriate, cozy and successful looking. A capsule shopping list for both men and women, that gets you from video work calls to the grocery store and beyond, will be provided. She will also discuss quick restyling tips to make the most of your much smaller wardrobe. And find out about mask style—fun ways to show off your personality and stay safe.

9.17.20 | 5-6pm

Entrepreneurial Fireside Chat

Northeastern entrepreneurs are critical thinkers, daring learners, and strategic problem-solvers who live and breathe their ventures. Whether you are planning a new idea, boosting your existing company, or seeking expertise from thought leaders and idea generators, you can rely on your Northeastern’s robust innovation ecosystem to help you achieve what’s next. Join us for a Fireside Chat on the Venture Capital Industry.

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