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4.8.21 | 5-5:30pm

Selling Your Service: Insight from Entrepreneurs

Creating and marketing a service based venture can be challenging. In this 30 minute discussion, panelists Dr. Stefanie Rousselle, BHS'12 and Lisa Sacchetti BHS'95 gave insight into starting and operating a service-based venture. They touched upon different resources, tips, and discuss what they would have done differently from the start.

Nov. 10, 2020 | 7 PM GMT | 3 PM ET

Women Who Empower Presents Tech, Innovation and Entrepreneurship During COVID

Join the Women Who Empower Ambassadors for a discussion on tech, innovation and entrepreneurship during COVID. This conversation will feature a panel of dynamic female speakers, that will share their experiences leading in their companies in these sectors.

9.22.20 | 1:00PM EDT

Easy Zoom Style: Looking Your Best Online

Join fashion expert Amy Salinger, AMD’02, to learn how to look your stylish for both internal and external online meetings, with a focus on combining comfort, function and style. Amy will share advice and images about what is chic, appropriate, cozy and successful looking. A capsule shopping list for both men and women, that gets you from video work calls to the grocery store and beyond, will be provided. She will also discuss quick restyling tips to make the most of your much smaller wardrobe. And find out about mask style—fun ways to show off your personality and stay safe.

7.8.20 | 10-11am

Global Perspectives, Latin America

Latin America comprises a vast array of distinct politics, cultures, geographies, and histories. But in recent weeks, the coronavirus pandemic has created a new common challenge. What are Latin America’s essential elements of resilience, and what will the future hold for its people and its economy?

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