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10.25.23 | 12:00 PM ET

Defining Your Non-negotiables

Discover how to tap into your values as your career and life guides. In this webinar, leadership coach Nalani Rodriguez, DMSB’14, will show how to apply this awareness to evaluating your current role, assessing future roles, and cultivating a sustainable relationship between work and life.

09.28.23 | 12:00 PM ET

Leveraging AI for Career & Professional Growth

What does generative artificial intelligence mean for job seekers and employees? Join us to learn about the role of generative AI as it relates to the job search, professional development, the hiring process and the future of work.

04.25.23 1:00 PM ET

Rethink Your To Do List: Busyness vs. Productivity

Join career coach and corporate trainer Rosena Cornet, CSSH’06 to learn practical tools to identify your personal unproductive patterns, create better habits, and develop strategies to increase your productivity and success. As you gain greater clarity, you can focus your attention to achieve your goals and potential with ease.

03.15.23 12 PM

Building a Sustainable Future

Join the conversation with our panel of accomplished alumni making a significant environmental impact at the state, national, and global levels. Find out how they use their expertise in environmental science, communications, policy, engineering and more to tackle diverse challenges.

03.09.23 | 12:00 PM ET

Transitions: Friend or Foe?

Change can be disruptive, uncomfortable and exhausting. Our thoughts of “what if?” often focus on challenges, not opportunities. It doesn’t have to be that way. Learning about transitions and how to manage them can impact your results. Join us to discover new perspectives and a positive mindset about the change process to help you make […]

12.2.22 | 12:00PM ET

Google Hiring Insights for Software Engineers

Interested in a software engineering role at Google? Their recruiters are reaching out to Northeastern alumni to share insights about the hiring process and more.

11.10.22 | 2:00PM ET

Building an Inclusive Future in Tech

Whether you’re navigating your career or managing/leading in the tech industry, you’ll want to join us to understand critical issues of diversity and inclusion in this field and their implications. 

4/7/22 | 12:00PM EST

NU@Noon: Meet the Deans – NU on the West Coast

With campuses from Boston to Vancouver, Northeastern is broadening its footprint as a global research university.Join Hillary Mickell, San Francisco and Silicon Valley, Regional Dean and CEO, and Dave Thurman, Dean and CEO of Northeastern in Seattle as they report out on resources and updates across the school’s hubs. There will be a question-and-answer session […]

03.10.22 | 12:00PM ET

What’s Next? Career Conversations with NUCEAO

Northeastern Civil Engineering Alumni Organization (NUCEAO) is offering a virtual lunchtime “office hours” series for students and young alumni to chat and network with professionals who are actively working in the Civil Engineering and Construction fields.

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