Event Recap

It is a fall from grace of global proportion. Plastics, 100 years ago hailed as a scientific marvel, have become the face of today’s biggest environmental crisis. Humankind has certainly benefited greatly from the plastics revolution – think life-saving medical devices, computer technology, and everyday conveniences. But, it would seem that affordability and abundance of plastic products led to a culture of disposability, now negatively impacting our oceans, our wildlife, and our climate.

Hear from Professor Aron Stubbins and students to discuss the interactions between humans and the environment. Explore the global cycle of plastics, the processes that breakdown plastics in the environment, and the ecological and human health implications of plastics and their by-products. Discover new innovations that may be instrumental in finding solutions to our current challenges and changing the future of how use and dispose of plastics.

Part of the College of Science Connects: The Good Power of Science series. Originally aired on November 10, 2021.

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