Taiwan Community 5th Anniversary

Northeastern Insider Series: Networked University and the Roux Institute

Innovative Solutions to Fight Ocean Pollution

18 billion pounds of plastic enter our oceans each year, a harrowing fact that only accounts for a portion of our planet’s pollution crisis. Northeastern innovators are tackling this problem to create sustainable solutions for cleaner oceans. Bureo Inc, an emerging B-Corp, has created a program to recycle fishing nets into a NetPlus™ material, used in products by Patagonia and other partner companies.  Review the conversation to fight plastic pollution with Ben Kneppers, E’07, co-founder and COO of Bureo Inc., and Maarten Eenkema van Dijk, E’14, MS’15, operations manager for Van Dyk Recycling Solutions.

Taiwan Community Gathering at Epoch Foundation

Join fellow alumni for a conversation about future trends on industrial development, startup incubation, innovation, and entrepreneurship education used for developing talent and how the Epoch Foundation serves as a top-notch institute liaison service. The Epoch Foundation is at the forefront of facilitating Taiwan’s industrial development and promoting the economic prosperity of the Asia-Pacific region.

The Real Game Changer – From Innovation to New Market

Hear from Dr. Prapin Abhinorasaeth on the advancement in Autonomous Mobile Robots (AMR) and Multi-Functional Mobility (MuM-II) Robots.

Beijing Community Program: Traditional Chinese Medicine

Digital Marketing in a Virtual World