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Join Diane Nishigaya MacGillivray, Senior Vice President for University Advancement, Young Global Leaders, and fellow community members for an evening of celebration and impact. Hear from inspirational speakers and connect with members of our dynamic global network during a private reception.

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Northeastern Insider Series: Networked University and the Roux Institute

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COVID-19, Quality of Governance and Crime: Perspectives from Thailand

The ongoing pandemic is testing the quality of governance in countries around the globe and raising questions about the role of elected officials in serving community goals. Crises can serve as opportunities for positive social change, but also entail risks around security and social turmoil, geopolitics, human rights, rule of law, inequalities and food security, among others. They also set apart great leaders, from average ones.

This is one of the special series on the impact of COVID-19 around the world. We leveraged our global network to explore risks, challenges and good practices for preparedness, responsiveness, effectiveness and responsibility in dealing with the public health and economic crisis, and what the future holds in a post-pandemic world.

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