NU@Noon: Using Gaming to Investigate Well-Being Across the Lifespan

Hear from Dr. Leanne Chukoskie on how she creates engaging games for rehabilitation science research. By engaging in playful mechanics applied to rather serious cognitive tasks and training, her work moves the field of developmental research forward in its methods, measurements, and interventions.

NU@Noon: Laser Treatment for Ovarian Cancer- Northeastern’s discoveries

Assistant professor of physics and bioengineering Bryan Spring will share with us how they are using light to power a therapy against cancer cells, using lasers to spot and target chemo-resistant cancer cells and boost a patient’s immune system. 

NU@Noon: The Impact of Sunlight on Plastics in the Ocean

Learn what associate professor of marine and environmental sciences Aron Stubbins and his team have found when studying what happens when plastics break down in the ocean. What they found may have an impact on the ocean, marine chemistry, and possibly human health.

NU@Noon | No Peace With Hitler – Why Churchill Chose to Fight WWII Alone Rather Than Negotiate with Germany with alumnus, Alan Saltman

Join lawyer and alumnus Alan Saltman as he discusses his new book that explains why Churchill chose to fight World War II alone rather than negotiate a peace treaty with Germany in 1940.

NU@Noon | Human-centered robotics with Taskin Padir, Northeastern’s first Amazon Scholar

Taskin Padir, associate professor in computer and electrical engineering, is Northeastern’s first Amazon Scholar for bringing a human approach to robotics to the company’s fleet of drivers.

NU@Noon: From Antiaging Drugs to the Quest for Immortality: An AI Odyssey

Join Ramkumar Hariharan, Data Scientist and Computational Biologist at COE, NU Seattle Campus, as he discusses how we are at a turning point in human longevity research. Learn earn how researchers at Northeastern are using AI technology to help with anti-aging.

NU@Noon: Enabling Engineering

The NU@Noon Fall program continues with Waleed Meleis, Associate Professor in the Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering! Find out how the Enabling Engineering student group at Northeastern is taking measures to empower individuals with physical and cognitive disabilities through innovative devices.

NU@Noon: Lesson Learned from COVID:  Diagnostic testing, Biosurveillance, and Biomanufacturing

Making Black Lives Matter in Boston & Beyond: A Conversation with Leader, Activist, and Changemaker Paul Francisco

Watch this exclusive and empowering interview with Paul Francisco, Chief Diversity Officer and Head of Workforce Development Programs at State Street Corporation, by Northeastern University Law School student Tai-Lyn Parboosingh, L’22, on making change for racial justice in your workplace and communities. Paul has worked tirelessly to bring diversity, equity, and inclusion strategies in not only his workplace but in his communities.