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Women Who Empower Presents Tech, Innovation and Entrepreneurship During COVID

Transcending the Challenges of a World in Transition

The world is in a constant state of change. Recently these changes seem more frequent and more disruptive. How can we as humanity, navigate these changes and emerge more stable and resilient?

This session featured an interactive panel of Raja Yoga Meditation practitioners who discussed a profound process of transformation which both includes and transcends the challenges, while recognizing that change is not only inevitable but to be welcomed, as we transition towards something new.

Theatre Keeps Changing: A Celebration of Northeastern University’s Department of Theatre

Hear from the Department of Theatre in celebrating the department’s resilience and the streaming of their production of Scenes from Metamorphoses, based on the Myths of Ovid written and originally directed by Mary Zimmerman. Celebrate this tremendous feat of revolutionary theatre with a discussion moderated by Professor Emerita Nancy Kindelan with Pablo Hernandez Basulto, AMD’18, Public Works National Associate at the Public Theatre, Erin Solomon, AMD’20, the production’s Stage Manager, and Des Bennett, AMD’20, who directed the production for her capstone project.

Entrepreneur’s Pivoting Their Ventures

1st Thursday: East and West Cost Trivia Night

Drawing Stability and Nourishment from Within

In a world where very little can be truly relied on, it’s hard to know where to turn for a sense of solid ground beneath our feet. Perhaps the ‘new normal’ is to accept that the ground we stand on constantly shifts as we learn new ways to keep our balance. With practice, we can learn to draw on stability from within ourselves, and through inner strength become our own still point in a turning world, finding the nourishment needed to ensure we have the stamina to keep moving towards our goals. View an interactive panel with Raja Yoga Meditation practitioners.

Western Mass. Community Coffee Chat

Western Mass. community volunteer Andrea Campbell Drake, AS’10 facilitated an engaging conversation with local alumni, gathering event ideas and requests.

How To: Be A Blogger

Boston community volunteer Lisa Randall, AMD’16 shared her tips and tricks for starting, promoting, and monetizing her blog and social platforms. 

How To: Stretch At Your Desk

New Jersey community volunteer Bryan Munoz, BHS’14, DPT’15 demonstrated some key stretches and postural exercises to practice while many of us are operating in a makeshift setup, working or learning remotely.