Natalie Noack

Discover a groundbreaking solution for Instagram engagement – Social Growth Engine. Our platform offers an exceptional tool designed to elevate your Instagram engagement effortlessly. With a focus on creating remarkable content, our cost-effective solution is priced at under $36 per month. Built to be reliable, powerful, and fully compliant with Instagram’s policies, Social Growth Engine has delivered remarkable results for countless users. Experience the power of Social Growth Engine and unlock the full potential of your Instagram strategy today.

Founded and operated by Natalie Noack, NUSL’ 19

Banzo Brands

We mindfully innovate to offer access to inclusive snack choices that are good for both you and the planet. Banzo Butter is our flagship product, which is a garbanzo bean spread that mimics the taste and texture of nut butter, but WITHOUT the top 14 food allergens or gluten. It is also vegan!

Founded by Amy Andes, S 2017


iNERDE Inc. was founded on the fundamental belief that access to Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Mathematics (STEAM) education can create incredible possibilities for children. Established as a US-based social enterprise with 501 (c)(3) status since 2014, iNERDE Inc. intends to fill an existing gap – the gap between the skills needed to succeed in the modern world and the skills being taught in most schools in Africa. 

Founded and operated by Mohamed T. Kante, COE’ 2012


Boxy is a peer-to-peer style storage service. Their platform allows individuals to monetize their underutilize living space for college students to store their belongings so they can navigate their college life smoothly.

Founded and operated by Hannah Ung, DMSB’2023

Parallel Pipes

Parallel Pipes automates certain portions of the engineering design and development process. With our cloud-based platform we provide design simulation and AI powered optimization. Parallel Pipes provides teams of all sizes access to simulation tools that have been out of reach in the past while additionally providing innovative optimization technology.

Founded and operated by Steve Karasek, COE 2010, MCOE 2015


Increasing school bus safety and efficiency.

Founded and operated by Keith Corso, DMSB 2022


BlockBeam helps talent stand out for careers in emerging technology. Our platform is home to a collection of action-based learning experiences centered around talent completing projects that demonstrate in-demand skills to employers. Every action-based experience is an opportunity to build a network and work portfolio that significantly differentiates talent from the crowd of applicants.

Founded and operated by Drew Cousin, DMSB 2022

Addition Beauty

Addition Beauty is a femtech company that creates makeup with fertility and pregnancy in mind. Our mission is to empower women with nontoxic, hormone-friendly makeup and the knowledge to select safer personal care products through life’s stage without compromising beauty.

Founded and operated by Michelle Calderon, DMSB 2021


Instaversal is the leading global Manufacturing-as-a-Service provider. We co-develop innovative solutions with product innovators, supporting materials design, industrial design, predictive engineering, manufacturing and go-to-market strategies. Our ecosystem includes businesses, software, engineers and manufacturers who have received dozens of patents and awards for their leadership in the full product development life cycle – from concept through mass production. By leveraging our experience, relationships, and collaborative insights Instaversal delivers unique operational solutions with exceptional quality in unprecedented timeframes.

Founded and operated by Zakary Smith, COE 2013


Hylux is vitamin infused water that delivers more nutrients than a sports drink. It tastes great and has less sugar and calories than Vitamin Water!

Founded and operated by Lamar Letts, DMSB 2017