Volunteer Spotlight: NYC Community Leader

We asked Brittany Miller, a volunteer in our New York City Community a few questions about why she volunteers, and what advice she has for others.

What was your motivation for volunteering for your community?
Being an Event Producer in my professional career. I knew I could improve the events in the NYC Alumni Community and jumped at the opportunity to do so.

How do you feel that volunteering has strengthened your connection to Northeastern?
My connection to Northeastern has strengthened by improving the alumni connection in the city through events. I love to be reminded of my time at Northeastern and the friends I’ve made.

What is the most rewarding part of volunteering?
The most rewarding part is seeing friends of mine attend the events and meet others in the community. In a school of our caliber and size, there are always new opportunities to make connections – be that personal or business – and I’m pleased to be able to provide that for our alumni.

What has been your most rewarding Northeastern volunteer experience and why?
This past December, my event producing partner, Bill Lee, connected us with Concrete Safaris to provide a donation opportunity at our event. Concrete Safaris was founded by an Northeastern alumna in 2008 and provides youth with the experiential education to become environmental leaders and health advocates for themselves and their communities. We collected 180+ toys for the children in the program and hearing about the response from the children was incredibly gratifying.

What kind of feedback have you received from alumni and others who have attended events you’ve been involved in?
Alumni appreciate that these events and opportunities have been presented to them and that their association with the school remains active.

Any words of advice for fellow Huskies interested in getting more involved?
Do it! There are 13 community leaders in NYC. It’s a tight knit group, passionate about establishing and enhancing a presence for Northeastern in New York City. From co-op engagement to events, there is something for everyone. Getting different graduate classes involved is a major key. An ’83 graduate has different opinions than a ’13 graduate and it’s pertinent for the growth of the community to collect ideas from all alumni.

published January 2017