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OAR is on a mission to elevate our global communities to new heights, and we can’t do it without you! Our nearly 300 volunteers lead programming efforts in partnership with OAR staff. They are what make the unique experiences in 40+ domestic and international communities possible. Your participation can make all the difference, too.

Why Volunteer?

  • To strengthen your network
  • Gain leadership and event management skills
  • Serve as a university ambassador
  • Have a seat at the table in developing experiences for alumni
  • Attend events free of charge
  • Give back to the University

How you’d like to volunteer is entirely up to you. You can become a community leader, and help shape your alumni programming, or simply engage with us, and reconnect with the university. We will work with you to determine the best opportunities that fit your needs. Start by filling out the forms below.

  • Become a Leader

    Fill out this form if you’d like to take your Northeastern involvement to the next level, and steer the alumni experience for your community.

    Volunteer Leader Expectations

      • Support and be informed about the mission, services, policies, and programs of the university, Office of Alumni Relations by reviewing the volunteer handbook.
      • Foster alumni pride and enhance the reputation of the university
      • Serve as Chief Executive Connectors (CEC) during alumni events, providing alumni and students with the means to interact
      • Attend new volunteer orientation
      • Encourage fellow alumni participation in alumni events and programs

     All Volunteer Leader Applications will be reviewed in the summer. Accepted leaders will be notified on or before September 1, 2019.

  • Engage with Northeastern

    Fill out this form if you’d like to reconnect with Northeastern, but want to start slow.  

    • Helping organize and plan OAR events in your community. (Type YES or NO)
    • Becoming a member of my local alumni community. (Type YES or NO)
    • Sharing in mentoring, professional guidance, or industry expertise. (Type YES or NO)
    • Telling the story of your Northeastern experience. (Type YES or NO)