Staying Connected and Visible in the Virtual Office

By Michele Rapp

After nearly eight years of working at Northeastern, Meghan Brisson, MBA’18, joined LogMeIn –—a pioneer in work-from-anywhere software. This industry change was accompanied by another adjustment, a fully flexible setup. “I like knowing that my company trusts me to manage my time,” says Meghan. “I can decide on the best approach to my work, whether it’s from home, at the Boston office, or any place with internet connection.” From the comfort of her couch in a sunny living room, Meghan discussed her transition and shared advice for success.

Reach out and connect often

How do you build relationships virtually as a new hire? For Meghan, it’s all about increasing your face time, like attending office happy hours—some of which are in-person when the chief marketing officer is in town, others are virtual and global. On the days she’s onsite, Meghan meets up with colleagues over lunch or coffee.

“It’s important to get to know your co-workers,” says Meghan, “especially if you want to build rapport with a new colleague, or network with other teams.” Following up with others after a virtual meeting keeps the relationship going. To further relationships, Meghan recommends: offering help, sharing an article, volunteering on a committee, connecting on social media, and remembering birthdays.

Be visible, global, & tech savvy

Be mindful of maintaining visibility in order to meet your career advancement goals. Some of this is built into Meghan’s role, which involves significant collaboration. The facilitator at Meghan’s monthly team meeting rotates, giving everyone a chance to take center stage and demonstrate their leadership skills. Actively participating in discussions has also been key for Meghan as she establishes herself in this new space.

In a global company, remote-centric is key in accommodating those with and without local offices. Virtual connection keeps the workspace equitable for everyone. Meghan is grateful for the chance to meet virtually with colleagues in Australia, Germany, and Ireland which adds a welcomed global perspective to her work and a chance to build her personal brand, cross-culturally.

November 23, 2021