Ravel Charles

Senior Technical Solutions Consultant, athenahealth

As a healthcare IT professional, Ravel was looking for ways to expand his skills. But, he wasn’t just looking for another degree; he was looking for a career. When Ravel came to Northeastern, he got just that: a master’s degree in Informatics, a co-op at System Analysis Services, LLC, an experiential consulting project through the Experiential Network (XN) program, and a new business, supported by the university’s venture accelerator, IDEA.

How has your Northeastern education helped you achieve what’s next.

Along with the rigorous classes in the Informatics Master’s Program, I credit three programs for launching my career: XN, co-op, and IDEA. Through the XN program I gained consultancy-like experience, while balancing classes and a full-time job. The co-op gave me hands-on industry experience, leading me to establishing my own venture, supported by IDEA, called Game Learners- a service that helps children uncover the educational power and health benefits of commercial video games. I had a new perspective on business that I now leverage in my job as a consultant – everything from marketing, entrepreneurship, and data-science and information security. These experiences clearly differentiated me from my peers, giving me an upper hand in my career.

How has the global Northeastern network benefited you?

From interviews, to professional networking events, and even local social events – I connect with Northeastern alumni everywhere. Our network is filled with people who are driven, want to be helpful, and are hungry to achieve more. Whether it’s offering an introduction to someone else, a pointed recommendation, or personal feedback, I find that people in our network are always trying to open the right doors for each other.

One piece of advice for someone starting at Northeastern.

Don’t ignore email! It may sound trivial, but a lot of the organizations and events I enrolled in started from an invitation that conveniently landed in my inbox. Information about the XN program or invitations to career building webinars all started as emails and ended up being instrumental in my professional development. It’s also a great way to stay connected to the network if you’re remote, like I was.

What’s next for you?

Besides travel, my next goal is to become a subject matter expert in my field. I’d love to return to Northeastern as an adjunct professor and give back the skills and experience I gained from my alma mater. I also plan to continue participating in alumni programming, from free online courses, to baseball games, to keep growing my network.

January 30, 2020


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