Henry Palmer – Lochtree

In September 2019, Henry Palmer, DMSB’20, launched Lochtree, an online marketplace for eco-friendly products. Through Lochtree, Palmer strives to create meaningful change through sustainability and environmentally conscious behavior. The company is partnered with several initiatives to promote environmental care and create a lasting impact on the world.

Palmer credits his experience at Northeastern for being influential in his entrepreneurial goals. The support and resources provided by the university helped him in the process of building his business. He’s worked with IDEA, gotten guidance from McCarthy’s Venture Mentoring Network (VMN), and is currently partnered with the Northeastern University Marketing Association in their student led-agency program.

For aspiring entrepreneurs, Northeastern provides an incredible amount of support, education, and encouragement. It’s been phenomenal. Being an entrepreneur, whether you are a single entrepreneur or part of a team, is intimidating. Northeastern provides a huge community. Take advantage of every single opportunity there is.”

Henry palmer, dmsb’20

February 23, 2021