Gabriel García

Without the support of faculty and staff, Gabriel “Gabe” García does not believe they could have achieved all they have to date—and that’s a long list. Gabe holds a 3.7 GPA and will soon receive a Bachelor of Science in Politics, Philosophy and Economics with a concentration in Public and Economic Policy, and a Bachelor of Arts in Communication Studies with a minor in Women’s, Gender and Sexuality Studies. That’s a lot to take on, but Gabe has always managed, on top of being a student, at least one part-time job while remaining active in the Northeastern community in many ways.

A University Scholar and student in the Honors Program, Gabe is the president of the Northeastern University Political Review (NUPR) where they have published three pieces: “Fitting in Nowhere: The Case for Trans-inclusive Feminism,” “The Cause for, Victim of, and Cure to Gay Loneliness,” and “All About Incivility: An Interview with Candice Delmas,” leading the organization since January of 2018.  Gabe’s passions for campus involvement have also led to steadfast involvement in Residential Life, where they are a senior resident assistant (RA) for Leased Properties, and worked formerly as an RA.

Within their home college, Gabe is a CSSH Ambassador, former peer mentor, and in the Department of Philosophy and Religion, a former teaching assistant and conference assistant. Additionally, they were the executive vice president, and then president of their Departmental Philosophy Club for two years. Across disciplines, Gabe is recognized as a member of the Phi Alpha Delta (pre-law) Society of Scholars, and is a member of Lambda Pi Eta, the Communication Studies honor society of the National Communication Association. Gabe was also just named to the 2020 Huntington 100, recognizing them as an influential campus voice. 

With so many undertakings and achievements under their belt, Gabe considers one of their cornerstone experiences at Northeastern to be planning and executing a service trip to Seattle for “Alternative Spring Break.” During the trip, a group of students visited more than nine Seattle-based organizations. With the help of another student, they planned the program from the ground up—developing purpose, goals, locations, partners, and logistics—over a few short months.

Currently, Gabe is on their final co-op as the North American Region Diversity and Inclusion Assistant at Boston Consulting Group. On their first cycle, Gabe co-oped at WilmerHale, where they were a client development (Marketing + PR) co-op, and then an intellectual property/litigation development intern when their job was extended.

As far at the future, they aren’t sure. With interests in public health, communications, policy, consulting, diversity and inclusion, and social justice, they hope to find a career blending these with their core calling of helping people and advocating for communities.

March 25, 2020

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