The Paradigm Group Inc.

The Paradigm Group is a small, minority, woman-owned, disadvantaged business enterprise located in a HUBZone. The firm is a consulting company that focuses on providing value through the delivery of exceptional products and services to clientele while embracing the confluence of change. Using industry leading practices, we create tailored solutions to obtain the buy-in of the customer. Our customers best know our team of professionals for our ‘spirit of excellence’ in all that we do! The Organizational standard is the customer first and with our continuous practice we emphasize that honesty, hard-work, and humility as the model for our customer centric focused reputation.

Founded by Angela Fielder SSH ’97

Boston Art Review

Founded in October of 2017, Boston Art Review (BAR) is an independent publication committed to facilitating active discourse around contemporary art in Boston. Boston Art Review’s engagement in the community fosters inter-institutional collaboration. Boston Art Review is proud to showcase writing, art, and perspectives from underrepresented individuals ranging from artists, scholars, students, curators, and the community at large alongside more recognized artists, all existing under the central idea of contemporary art. As our site and our publication continue to develop, we will become the go-to resource for contemporary art in Boston.

Founded by Jameson Johnson, CHS’19

Bake it Till You Make it

Bake it Till You Make it LLC is a community-based organization dedicated to destigmatizing mental illness, normalizing mental health conversation, and promoting authentic healing and recovery. Bake it Till You Make it LLC seeks to connect people through food and baking, making “difficult conversation” more palatable, comfortable and even fun! Bake it TIll You Make it does this through live cooking demonstrations, mental health presentations, community food events and the publication of mental health cookbooks.

Founded by Dayna Altman SSH 2015, BCH 2018

Mango & Marigold Press

Mango & Marigold Press is an award-winning independent publishing house that shares the sweet and savory stories of the South Asian experience.

Founded and operated by Sailaja Joshi, DMSB 2006

Code Pineapple

Code Pineapple is an award-winning indie book publisher that serves families with young kids by providing educational entertainment. They have two bestselling kids book series: Scaredy Bat, a vampire detective series, and The Legend of Pineapple Cove, a fantasy adventure series. At Code Pineapple, curiosity is their key design principle. Everything they do leverages a unique combination of entertainment and education (aka: edu-tainment), to deliver a curiosity driven experience for kids and families. Growing up in a family of teachers, Devin always has had a love for learning, and she has seen how kids lives can transform when they’re curious. But curiosity can not be forced, it must be fostered. They design all of their books, products, and activities with that core principle in mind.

Founded and operated by Devin Cowick, CSSH 2014

Book: Pills, Teas, and Songs

My debut book, Pills, Teas, and Songs: Stories of Medicine Around the World is a collection of 11 stories on medicinal practices in different cultures. I interviewed people from China, India, Russia, Nigeria, Peru, and more to discover the stories of centuries-old herbal tea, an antiseptic cream born out of a revolution, Cold War first-aid kits, and more.

Authored by Debby Nguyen, BHS 2024