Sweet Piglet Bakery + Café

Sweet Piglet is a mother and daughter owned bakery specializing in Asian-inspired desserts, snacks and drinks. From ube crepe cake to Japanese onigiri to Thai milk tea, we have a little something for everyone. In our little store, sweet dreams come true!

Founded and operated by Meghan Phan, CSH’2023

Evoke Wellness

Evoke Wellness is New England’s premier addiction treatment facility. Our team of medical professionals, clinicians, and peers will assist you onto your path of recovery.

Founded and operated by Matthew Driscoll, DMSB’2004

Ancient Bakers

Eczema. Anemia. Food Allergies. Acute Malnutrition.

This was my son Bennuamen’s story. At the tender age of 15 months old his diagnosis and prognosis was grim. The Western Standard American Diet (SAD) had failed. With little hope, I consulted our ancestors for the wisdom needed to save my son.  Hence, The Ancient Bakers was born.

The Ancient Bakers is family-owned and operated in Boston, MA.
Since 2008 we have been educating consumers about the health benefits of plant-based bakery products.

Our mission is to let the world know that health and specialty baking are synonymous.

Founded and operated by Tonya Johnson, DMSB’18.


PapiVivi is a father-daughter run food business, offering sandwiches and Puerto Rican food. After serving the Greater Boston area through pop-ups at local breweries and distilleries, PapiVivi recently opened their first brick and mortar in Lynn, MA.

Founded and operated by Samuel Cortiella, AS 2006

Nim Nim

Order laundry, dry cleaning, rug cleaning, shoe repair, and alterations on-demand in the Boston area. Get your items picked up and delivered to your door in 12 or 24 hrs, 7 days a week with NimNim! Perfect for busy students, working professionals, families, and businesses. Time-consuming chores like laundry, dry cleaning, and more get taken care of swiftly and professionally, all while you proudly support local small businesses. Now Available In Boston And Miami! Download now and get $10 off your first order with NimNim! Use coupon code: NEWNIM during checkout and the discount will be automatically applied to your order.

Founded and operated by Akshay Sahani, DMSB 2021

The Will Fairy

As a 1st generation Latina, I grow up not knowing about generation wealth or the importance of a will. I was in my late 40s before I started to get a clue. I do not want entrepreneurs and leaders to go through what I went through. Let’s take control of your generational wealth today. I am available in English, Spanish, and American Sign Language.

Founded and operated by JO Welch CSH 1997

The Mailbox Place

The Mailbox Place is your one-stop-shop for all your packing supplies and shipping needs!

Founded and operated by Steve Navas, DMSB 2001


Hokistrings is a nonprofit organization – Ashley and Haley Kutzer make and sell beaded bracelets and donate all their profits to the Women’s Support Center in Yerevan, Armenia, that houses women and children victimized by domestic abuse.

Founded and operated by Ashley Kutzer, DMSB 2024

Happy Jack’s World

Happy Jack is more than just a pop-up, gallery or boutique—Happy Jack is a community, created by the late Jack Nathan as a safe haven for kids who struggle with mental illness, as he did. Painting and design helped ease Jack’s anxiety, and the new Happy Jack pop-up in the Seaport features some of his work. As Jack himself said, “this brand serves as a nod to everyone who feels trapped in their mind. And a reminder to do precisely what is important to you.”

Come and learn more about Happy Jack’s story and check out his line of apparel and accessories. A portion of each product’s sale is donated by Jack’s family to foundations that help keep Jack’s mission and legacy alive.

Founded and operated by David Nathan, AS 1992

Hand-Knit Hats

We offer classic, handmade hats knit with fine natural fibers; mainly wool, but also alpaca, cashmere, silk, and mohair. We believe that everyone should own at least one piece of handmade clothing.

Founded and operated by Rita Desalvo, CPS 1998