Terence Peavy (Terence L Peavy), ’20

Terence Peavy, Ed.D, CPS ’20, of Jersey City, New Jersey, was recently named vice president for institutional field relations at the Middle States Commission on Higher Education in Philadelphia, PA. He was formerly the assistant vice president for enrollment management at SUNY Fashion Institute of Technology in New York City.

Kasey Pak, DMSB’21

Kasey Pak, DMSB’21, started a new Instagram project called My Eye My Story. The goal is to feature individual stories of success, failure, aha moments, epiphany, first love, childhood memories, passions, achievements, and personal journeys. She started this page to signify the importance of human connection and shared experiences and hopes people will find strength, inspiration, and empowerment through the page. Visit the @myeyemystory Instagram account to submit your story! All submissions—funny or heavy—are welcome.

Tom Reynolds, EdD’20

Tom Reynolds, EdD’20, of Gales Ferry, CT, was appointed Dean of Institutional Advancement at Manchester Community College in Connecticut.

Alexandra Askenazi Marcus, S’20

Alexandra Askenazi Marcus, S’20, published an e-book called “The monster that made me believe my body was monstrous: Free yourself of shame, distortion, and food obsession.” Alexandra started writing when she was an undergrad after being encouraged by a professor. The e-book is available for Amazon Kindle and is meant to help girls all over the world who suffer from eating disorders. Alexandra is currently pursuing a master of science in counseling psychology.