Alan Harrison, ’99

Alan Harrison, ME’99, is being elevated to Partner in the Connecticut-based patent law firm of Otterstedt, Wallace, & Kammer LLP. The firm has a national practice in patents prosecution and represents primarily Fortune 500 clients. Attorney Harrison has been practicing intellectual property law for the past 15 years, after serving as a nuclear submarine officer in the United States Navy.

Sarah Swedberg, MA’96, PhD’99

Sarah Swedberg, MA’96, PhD’99, had her first book published in December 2020. Titled “Liberty and Insanity in the Age of the American Revolution,” the book examines how conceptions of mental illness intersect with American society, law, and politics in the tumultuous period of the American Revolution. Sarah is one of the first PhD candidates to graduate from Northeastern.

Lara Sutherlin, L’99

Lara Sutherlin, L’99, of Madison, Wisconsin, is the new administrator of the Division of Trade and Consumer Protection of the Wisconsin Department of Agriculture, Trade and Consumer Protection.

Joseph Paolucci, CJ’99

Joseph Paolucci, CJ’99, of South Weymouth, Massachusetts, has been named commissioner of the Futures Collegiate Baseball League.