Alan Kaul PAH’70 MS’76

Alan Kaul, PAH’70, MS’76, was appointed to the Scientific Steering Committee of the new national COVID-19 Research Database, a cross-industry collaboration. The COVID-19 research database is a collection of data sets made freely available to public health and policy researchers to extract insights for combating the COVID-19 pandemic. Until now, researchers and policy-makers seeking to answer questions about the pandemic could only do research on fragmented data sets (such as the data set from a particular hospital), or to conduct long, prospective clinical trials, which makes it difficult to rapidly answer questions about the epidemiology and treatment of the disease, but with this database they have access to all kinds of pandemic-related data to rapidly conduct studies at a larger scale.

Lester Cory, MS’70

Lester Cory, MS’70, of Tiverton, Rhode Island, has been inducted into the Rhode Island Heritage Hall of Fame.