Global Health Mentoring – Importance, Relevance, and Possibilities

In recognition all health professionals and in celebration of World Health Day, this event will focus on global health mentoring. It will particularly explore the necessary skills in the global health environment, the role of global public health mentoring as an agent of development, and the importance of emphasizing a global perspective in healthcare.

Language Learning Beyond the Classroom

Review an inspiring story on how immersing yourself in a second language can positively impact your life. From both educator and student perspectives, learn new ways to improve your language-learning experience.

The COVID-19 Vaccine: A Talk with the Experts

The Northeastern Greece Community would like to share with you a discussion on the COVID-19 vaccine and Northeastern’s preventative initiatives, a timely event that will help broaden your knowledge during these challenging times. Hear from David Luzzi, Ph.D., Vice President and Senior Vice Provost at Northeastern University, and Achilleas Gravanis, Professor of Pharmacology at the University of Crete. The talk was moderated by Peter Contis, MBA’83, MS’86, President of the Northeastern Greece Community.

India Lecture Series: The State of the Indian Economy and the Inward Turn | Dr. Arvind Subramanian

Innovative Solutions to Fight Ocean Pollution

18 billion pounds of plastic enter our oceans each year, a harrowing fact that only accounts for a portion of our planet’s pollution crisis. Northeastern innovators are tackling this problem to create sustainable solutions for cleaner oceans. Bureo Inc, an emerging B-Corp, has created a program to recycle fishing nets into a NetPlus™ material, used in products by Patagonia and other partner companies.  Review the conversation to fight plastic pollution with Ben Kneppers, E’07, co-founder and COO of Bureo Inc., and Maarten Eenkema van Dijk, E’14, MS’15, operations manager for Van Dyk Recycling Solutions.

Tapping the Source of Serenity and Wellbeing

Reflecting over the past year, it can seem like we went from coping with new challenges every month to coping with new challenges every week, to then seemingly having to deal with new challenges on an almost daily basis. The yearning to find inner peace and stability amidst the chaos is no longer the inquiry of the curious few, but the urgent necessity of the many.  In this, the last of our sessions, our three meditation experts explained and explored how we can all experience the richness of inner stillness.  Our guest speaker, a professor of psychology from Northeastern University, described how her work with neuroimaging proves the way in which our thoughts really do shape and determine our reality.  With the power of both science and silence, we will be ready for whatever 2021 has in store …  

Connection, Community and Co-Creation

If the coronavirus has taught us one thing, it’s the importance of our connections with each other. People everywhere have been stepping up to reach out and offer support to those who are lonely, marginalized or in need. So how do we build on the outpouring of co-operation we witnessed at the beginning of the pandemic, when neighborhoods pulled together in random acts of kindness and goodwill? How do we capitalize on the realization that we really do live in an interconnected world and that for better or worse ‘we are in this together.’

In this session we explored how through behavioral changes and our broadening world view, we are learning new ways to connect, to build resilient community and open our hearts and minds to the limitless possibilities of a new and shared future.

Create Your Vision, Color Your World

Finding the contribution that is ‘yours to do’ brings real satisfaction and the reward of knowing that in whatever way, you are making a difference. Are you in the right place, doing what you are meant to be doing at this time?

In this session we explored your answer to that question with the support of two women who between them have decades of experience helping others identify their life purpose and create a future vision that will carry them forwards. Your vision will impact not just yourself, but your family, your place of work, your community, your country and possibly even your world.

Transcending the Challenges of a World in Transition

The world is in a constant state of change. Recently these changes seem more frequent and more disruptive. How can we as humanity, navigate these changes and emerge more stable and resilient?

This session featured an interactive panel of Raja Yoga Meditation practitioners who discussed a profound process of transformation which both includes and transcends the challenges, while recognizing that change is not only inevitable but to be welcomed, as we transition towards something new.