Northeastern University Geneva Reception 2023

Join your Northeastern community for an evening of learning and connecting while discovering how the university is preparing tomorrow’s leaders. Meet students from the Dialogue of Civilizations Program in Geneva, The Future of Global Governance: Peace and Security. Hear from Professor of Political Science and International Affairs Denise Garcia about how the program is preparing students to stay ahead of the curve.

Northeastern Insider Series: Networked University and the Roux Institute

Plant Shift Initiative Speaker Series | Sports & Fitness

Athletes are considered to be the epitome of health and fitness that have the strength to perform physical feats the average body cannot even fathom to achieve. What most people don’t know is that plant based diets are just as if not more effective for conditioning and muscle building needed to achieve the upper echelon of sports. Hear from our sports and fitness leaders on how their plant based diets have led them to great heights.

Seba Johnson, Olympic Skiier, Animal Advocate, Speaker, Educator
James Wilks, Movie Producer The Game Changers, Professional Martial Arts Athlete Moderated by Pat McAuley, Co-Founder of PlantPub, Eat Green Make Green Podcaster, Ultra Athlete Originally aired on September 14, 2021.

Plant Shift Initiative Speakers Series | Nutrition & Health

Plant-based diets are known to have a variety benefits for long, healthy lives. But just how impactful are they? Listen to this amazing conversation with Dr. Scott Stoll between Chef Nina Curtis and author Kathy Freston on living a plant-based diet.

Plant Shift Initiative Speaker Series: Food Tech

To have 100% plant based diets is the most ecological and sustainable way to combat climate change. The main issue we have – making it tasty and accessible. This panel dived into the food revolution taking form. Moderated by Sebastiano Cossia Castiglioni, PNT’23, panelists include Christie Lagally, Founder & Chief Executive Officer of Rebellyous Foods, Chris Kerr, Co-founder & Chair, Gathered Foods Corp. (Good Catch), and Julie Farkas, Co-founder & Social Impact Director, PLNT Burger.

Plant Shift Initiative Speaker Series: Engineering & Climate Correction

In celebration of Earth Day, we were excited to launch the Plant Shift Initiative Speaker Series with a conversation on Engineering & Climate Correction. There is no debate that to combat climate change we need to think of creative solutions. For decades, entrepreneurs and leaders have invented new systems to minimize the carbon footprint in every part of our lives – and it all starts with the first design. Listen to a conversation with disrupters Sebastiano Cossia Castiglioni, PNT’23, Founder of Vegan Capital, Dale Vince, Founder of Ecotricity, and Paul Watson, Founder and Chief Executive Officer of Sea Shepherd, on how they engineered new designs and systems within their industries to be more plant-based. Originally aired on April 22, 2021.