NU@Noon: From Antiaging Drugs to the Quest for Immortality: An AI Odyssey

Join Ramkumar Hariharan, Data Scientist and Computational Biologist at COE, NU Seattle Campus, as he discusses how we are at a turning point in human longevity research. Learn earn how researchers at Northeastern are using AI technology to help with anti-aging.

NU@Noon: Enabling Engineering

The NU@Noon Fall program continues with Waleed Meleis, Associate Professor in the Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering! Find out how the Enabling Engineering student group at Northeastern is taking measures to empower individuals with physical and cognitive disabilities through innovative devices.

NU@Noon: Lesson Learned from COVID:  Diagnostic testing, Biosurveillance, and Biomanufacturing

NU@Noon: Meet the Deans – NU on the West Coast

With campuses from Boston to Vancouver, Northeastern is broadening its footprint as a global research university.
Join Hillary Mickell, San Francisco and Silicon Valley, Regional Dean and CEO, and Dave Thurman, Dean and CEO of Northeastern in Seattle as they report out on resources and updates across the school’s hubs. There will be a question-and-answer session to follow.

NU@Noon: What would it take to vaccinate the world against COVID-19?

A discussion on vaccinating the world with Nikos Passas, Professor of Criminology and Criminal Justice, Nada Sanders, Distinguished Professor of Supply Chain Management and Brook Baker, School of Law Professor. This is a follow-up on this article from News @ Northeastern.

NU@Noon: The Court at the Crossroads

The Supreme Court sits atop the American legal system and frequently decides cases with political implications.  How should the Court behave when its members’ views differ from those of the American public?  How will the Court rule on pending cases this term?   Dan Urman, Director of the Law & Public Policy Minor at the School of Public Policy & Urban Affairs Director of Hybrid & Online Programs at the School of Law will share his expertise.

NU@Noon: Ethics and the Global Refugee Crisis

Dr. Serena Parekh Associate Professor of Philosophy, Director of Politics, Philosophy and Economics Program will show the importance of understanding there is not one but two global refugee crises. The first is the more well-known crisis faced by Western states who are asked to take in refugees and asylum seekers; the second crisis is the crisis faced by refugees themselves who are unable to find refuge anywhere in the world. Formulating a morally adequate refugee policy will require understanding both crises. Dr. Parekh will show why we should understand the global refugee crisis as a structural injustice and why this gives rise to a responsibility to address the crisis for refugees.

NU@Noon: Xhibition Kitchen & The Berkshire’s Farm Table Cookbook

Join Campus Executive Chef Tom Barton as he cooks from “The Berkshire’s Farm Table Cookbook: 125 Homegrown Recipes from the New England Hills,” while having an interactive conversation with authors Elisa Spungen Bildner and Robert Bildner. The Bildners will share their story of paying tribute to the dedicated family farmers and farm-to-table chefs of the Berkshires.

The cost of this event is $25 and each registration will receive one copy of The Berkshire’s Farm Table Cookbook.

NU@Noon: African American Memory, Social Identity, and the Removal of Confederate Monuments

Professor Patricia Davis, Associate Professor of Communications Studies discussed the campaigns to remove Confederate monuments from public spaces in terms of social identity, which provides the “glue” connecting them to the reinvigoration of the Black Lives Matter movement. She described the power inherent in public monuments and offered her thoughts on the ways in which African American memories serve as counter-narratives to those conveyed through the monuments.

NU@Noon: The Biden Presidency and the Future of American Politics

Professor William Mayer, Professor of Political Science, shared his thoughts and expertise on the future of American Politics under the new Biden Administration.