Club Sailing Alumni Regatta

Alumni and students enjoyed a fun-filled day on the Charles at the annual Alumni Sailing Regatta.

Men’s Beanpot – Semi-Final

One of the most anticipated traditions of the winter season has returned: the Beanpot Tournament! The Northeastern Community was there to see the Huskies defeat the Eagles and move on to the Championship!

SoulCycle Class (Students Only)

Back by popular demand, Alumni Relations invites you to an endorphin-boosting SoulCycle class on Thursday, Dec. 2 at 7:30 pm.

Whether you’re new to spin or an old pro, don’t miss this chance for a complimentary class with fellow Huskies and special guests: Senior Vice President Diane MacGillivray and alumna instructor Heather Rose.

All experience levels are welcome.

Plant Shift Initiative Speaker Series | Business & Media

Through media and marketing, corporations have pushed the burden of climate change and environmental justice onto consumers even though they are the driving forces behind climate change. While everyone can make personal choices towards sustainability and environmental justice, businesses are rarely pushed to reevaluate their production lines for more earth-conscious methods. Listen to business leaders on how they have strategized and supported companies making environmentally friendly decisions.

Stephanie Dorsey, Founding Partner of E²JDJ
Lisa Feria, Chief Executive Officer of Stray Dog Capital Moderator
Jennifer Stojkovic, Founder of the Vegan Women Summit

Part of the Plant Shift Initiative Speaker Series. Learn more about the Plant Shift Initiative here: Originally aired on October 19, 2021.

An Apple A Day: Reimagining Health Education for the Future

At Bouvé College of Health Sciences, our vision is to shape and drive the transformation of healthcare to health span. This proactive, people-centered approach to health contrasts with the more reactive style dominating much of today’s healthcare system. The focus is on care not cure, wellness, not sickness.

This requires preparing health leaders, clinicians, advocates, researchers, educators and innovators to think and act differently, to innovate and collaborate across disciplines and specialties.

In this panel discussion between Bouvé College Dean Carmen Sceppa and Ama Donkor, BHS’17, MPH’18, CPH, Marsha Maurer, BHS’86, Azita Razzaghi, BHS’88, PharmD’91, and Haley Waud, BHS’12, DPT’13, we examined the changing landscape of health education by asking our alumnae to reflect on their journeys from Bouvé to the present and the skills, training, and experience that have helped them make an impact.

Originally aired on November 4, 2021.

The Plastic Brain; Injury and Repair

The rise in mental health conditions globally is staggering, affecting people of all demographics, having impacts on almost all areas of life, and incurring a global annual cost of nearly $1 Trillion US Dollars. Despite this, and widespread efforts towards de-stigmatization of mental health conditions, the prevention, diagnosis and treatment interventions of mental health illnesses continues to lag behind the incidence of disease.

Hear from Dean Hazel Sive for a panel discussion with psychology professors Susan Whitfield-Gabrieli and Craig Ferris to discuss novel approaches to mental illness and how neuroscience may hold the key to bringing fundamental changes in how patients with mental illnesses are diagnosed and treated. Learn about new research which may be instrumental in early detection and prevention, and in the development of new therapies and interventions.

Part of the College of Science Connects: The Good Power of Science Series. Originally aired on October 13, 2021.

Huskies Fitness: The Handle Bar

First-time and regular spinners got their sweat on at The Handle Bar’s newest studio in Back Bay. For 45, the class prioritized health and wellness in this private ride.

Plant Shift Initiative Speaker Series | Sports & Fitness

Athletes are considered to be the epitome of health and fitness that have the strength to perform physical feats the average body cannot even fathom to achieve. What most people don’t know is that plant based diets are just as if not more effective for conditioning and muscle building needed to achieve the upper echelon of sports. Hear from our sports and fitness leaders on how their plant based diets have led them to great heights.

Seba Johnson, Olympic Skiier, Animal Advocate, Speaker, Educator
James Wilks, Movie Producer The Game Changers, Professional Martial Arts Athlete Moderated by Pat McAuley, Co-Founder of PlantPub, Eat Green Make Green Podcaster, Ultra Athlete Originally aired on September 14, 2021.

Vinyasa Flow Yoga

H Harrison, L’11 guided yogis in making space both physically and mentally as they explored and connected with their bodies through the synthesis of yoga, movement, breath, and mindfulness exercises. The class flowed through traditional yoga postures as they explored the intricacies of skeletal alignment and the muscular engagement required to link pose to pose, and ended with a restful savasana.

MOVE by The Handle Bar

From burpees and mountain climbers, to jumping jacks and more, this total-body workout combined high-intensity plyometric movement with slow-burning kettlebell strength work.