SooLin’s Paper Shtuff

Fun paper shtuff – stickers, prints, and more!

Founded and operated by SooLin Kim, BHS’17

Horatio St. Antiques

Horatio St. Antiques was born from a lifelong obsession with antiques and vintage homewares. Eclectic by design, we are based in Manhattan’s West Village.

Boston Art Review

Founded in October of 2017, Boston Art Review (BAR) is an independent publication committed to facilitating active discourse around contemporary art in Boston. Boston Art Review’s engagement in the community fosters inter-institutional collaboration. Boston Art Review is proud to showcase writing, art, and perspectives from underrepresented individuals ranging from artists, scholars, students, curators, and the community at large alongside more recognized artists, all existing under the central idea of contemporary art. As our site and our publication continue to develop, we will become the go-to resource for contemporary art in Boston.

Founded by Jameson Johnson, CHS’19

Tenuta Santo Pietro

Tentua Santo Pietro is proud to offer a limited supply of our delicious olive oil, truffle oil, balsamic vinegar, other agricultural products, most of which are grown and produced on our property using sustainable farming methods, directly to our customers.

Our property is home to over 1,100 olive trees of four indigenous varietals. The trees range in age from 25 years to well over 100 years. We pick all our olives by hand, using traditional methods which ensure that the fruit is at its best when we cold press it, the same day the olives are picked from the trees.

Founded and operated by Whitney Savignano, CHS’96

Reya Communications

We are REYA Communications, a boutique Public Relations agency serving the luxury travel industry. Founded by Travel PR veterans Alexandra Avila and Julie Leventhal, REYA combines our passions for working with independent and family-owned hotels and operators. Our drive comes from knowing that more than ever hospitality and travel brands need a strong communications and recovery strategy in a loud media landscape. We position ourselves to work with travel brands providing the best in service to their guests, but also their communities and environments. We believe the power of public relations can generate quality media awareness, but also recognition and support for the social impact travel brands are making locally.

Founded and operated by Alexandra Avila, DMSB’10


We are a team of technology and business leaders working to make meeting up easier. We are passionate about creating a solution to the age old question…where are you?…where should we meet?

The average American sends 2500 texts per month with 2/3 of these for logistics. Whether there are 2 or 100 we set out to create solutions to get us off line and spend more time doing than planning. We added a wealth of features to make it simple to ask questions, change your mind, share along the way etc.

From our core meetup functions we built a platform that supports endless solutions for the marketplace to help manage groups large and small, social networks, etc.

Check out our event management tools, community organizing, tours and scavenger hunts, games, way finding, logistics etc.

Our accomplished team of technology and business leaders at Figayou can build a solution for your group, team, or company from our suite of component features.

Founded and operated by Greta Meszoely, SSH, DMSB’91


A country needs to invest in its women. The value of human capital – the share of human capital in total wealth – is 62 percent. That’s four times the value of produced capital and 15 times the value of natural capital. Historically, education has been a catalyst for positive change. No country can achieve sustainable economic development without substantial investment.

We are developing an online learning community that models the education, support and empowerment that those women lucky enough to attend women’s only colleges have received, but we need your help! Please take our quick survey to help us understand how to best serve your needs.

Founded and operated by Mary Ciampa, DMSB’92


We believe that public speaking can be fun and exciting. We make that happen by creating a highly personalized educational experience for each student. We work hard to really get to know every single child, to understand their unique strengths and weaknesses, and to design activities and curriculum just for them!

Founded and operated by Jessica Sun, SSH’21

The Wiress

I explore how womxn around the world use, define, and change technology.

I am on the quest to find the newest & shiniest products and services open to womxnkind. And, of course, it doesn’t hurt to see some big WINS along the way!

We see email as the direct-to-consumer content digest. No more fighting against those pesky algorithms! 🦾

Is email sexy? No. What is? The womxn’s modern experience in tech. From start(up) and beyond.

Better yet – We believe so much in what we’re doing, we see Wiress as a platform to invest your social capital. Interested in becoming an investor?

Become a V-Scout. Learn how to scout, seal and nurture your social deals.

The Wiress mission is to empower womxn as consumers, designers, funders, and lovers of the lifestyles and brands around “technology.”

Founded and operated by Emily Herrera, AMD’22

We’re Into It

Based out of Boston, We’re Into It was started by college besties Amelia and Natasha.

We sell a collection of hand lettered and designed prints, cards, totes, signs, you name it! We love working with clients to create custom designed pieces for events, weddings, and home decor. Our work is inspired by the things we’re into, whether that be wine and cheese, traveling, or just classic, beautiful lettering on its own. To put it simply: we love picking up a pen and creating work that makes people smile!

We’re into it and we hope you’re into it, too!

Founded and operated by Natasha Taylor, SSH’12 and Amelia Rossi