Banzo Brands

We mindfully innovate to offer access to inclusive snack choices that are good for both you and the planet. Banzo Butter is our flagship product, which is a garbanzo bean spread that mimics the taste and texture of nut butter, but WITHOUT the top 14 food allergens or gluten. It is also vegan!

Founded by Amy Andes, S 2017


NarcX is a patented eco-friendly solution that destroys and neutralizes drugs and renders them non-divertible and non-retrievable. This solution was created to combat the opioid epidemic and the rampant stock piling issue this country and the world faces. This solution has been tested and validated to prove effective on common street drugs as well; heroin, fentanyl, meth, cocaine, etc. This is truly the solution to the massive warehouses of drugs that end up on the streets because no one knows how to.

Parallel Pipes

Parallel Pipes automates certain portions of the engineering design and development process. With our cloud-based platform we provide design simulation and AI powered optimization. Parallel Pipes provides teams of all sizes access to simulation tools that have been out of reach in the past while additionally providing innovative optimization technology.

Founded and operated by Steve Karasek, COE 2010, MCOE 2015


Increasing school bus safety and efficiency.

Founded and operated by Keith Corso, DMSB 2022

Addition Beauty

Addition Beauty is a femtech company that creates makeup with fertility and pregnancy in mind. Our mission is to empower women with nontoxic, hormone-friendly makeup and the knowledge to select safer personal care products through life’s stage without compromising beauty.

Founded and operated by Michelle Calderon, DMSB 2021

WE Empower

WE Empower is an empowerment coaching community focused on confidence, body positivity, and movement. The founder, Wendy, focuses on coaching women to go from insecure and uncomfortable in their bodies to confident, accepting and free. She teaches women to ditch the scale, stop hating their body, and how to live a body confident life.

Founded and operated by Wendy Eaton, CPS 2021


Instaversal is the leading global Manufacturing-as-a-Service provider. We co-develop innovative solutions with product innovators, supporting materials design, industrial design, predictive engineering, manufacturing and go-to-market strategies. Our ecosystem includes businesses, software, engineers and manufacturers who have received dozens of patents and awards for their leadership in the full product development life cycle – from concept through mass production. By leveraging our experience, relationships, and collaborative insights Instaversal delivers unique operational solutions with exceptional quality in unprecedented timeframes.

Founded and operated by Zakary Smith, COE 2013

Peak State

Like coffee? How about coffee with benefits? Peak State has introduced a line of premium whole bean coffees enriched with superfoods to bring a boost of benefits to your morning routine. A light roast with added brain health, a medium roast that offers immune support, and dark roast to support stress, Peak State harnesses the untapped superfood potential of “functional mushrooms” and infuses them into whole bean coffee to pack nutrients and benefits into your morning bean routine.

Founded and operated by Danny Walsh, E 2015, MBA 2018

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Kaolin Beauty

Kaolin Beauty is a mission-driven, ethical, non-toxic, zero-waste makeup company that strives for both spiritual and environmental excellence. Their goal is to create beautiful makeup and self-care products that are healing for both your skin and soul. They use a heart-centered approach, meaning that all of our ingredients are sourced ethically from suppliers with extremely high standards, and the products themselves are all handmade. Their makeup selection is infused with regeneratively grown herbs that offer a variety of healing benefits, and each product contains beeswax that is sourced from local beekeepers. Kaolin Beauty takes a holistic approach to personal care, ensuring that each customer radiates beauty and self-love both internally and externally.

Founded and operated by Michelle Beaudette, DMSB 2023


Homebuying has evolved. Nuhom recognizes that today, with home listings readily available, most homebuyers identify their ideal home more quickly than an agent. Nuhom\’s site ( and its agents focus on helping a homebuyer(s) by providing on-demand home tours, home diligence, pricing analysis, offer negotiation, and an entire team to assist with a smooth home closing. For the homebuyer’s search effort, Nuhom rewards the homebuyer back half (50%) of the buyer agent’s commission, averaging $7,500 back to every happy homebuyer. It’s on-demand homebuying at half the cost. Nuhom’s platform makes the process simple, transparent, and more affordable for the modern homebuyer.

Founded and Operated by Rishi Palriwala, DMSB 2008