AInnovation Labs

AInnovation uses patented deep learning model compression technique to port these once costly AI algorithms into customized light-weight processes that can be run in realtime on mobile devices in high accuracy. It enables complex computer vision programs, e.g. human pose tracking, behavioral recognition, motion capturing, to run on platforms constrained by limited hardware; brings cutting-edge innovation to telemedicine, remote rehab, virtual-first care and in-home fitness than ever before.

Founded and operated by Raymond Fu


Instaversal is the leading global Manufacturing-as-a-Service provider. We co-develop innovative solutions with product innovators, supporting materials design, industrial design, predictive engineering, manufacturing and go-to-market strategies. Our ecosystem includes businesses, software, engineers and manufacturers who have received dozens of patents and awards for their leadership in the full product development life cycle – from concept through mass production. By leveraging our experience, relationships, and collaborative insights Instaversal delivers unique operational solutions with exceptional quality in unprecedented timeframes.

Founded and operated by Zakary Smith, COE 2013