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Volunteer Spotlight: Florida Community Leader

We talked to Tom Donahue, E’78, about why he volunteers.

When alumnus Tom Donahue moved from the Boston area to South Florida 13 years ago, he was exposed to a much stronger loyalty to alma maters than he was used to in the Northeast. “Walking into a meeting down here, there would be an almost immediate accounting of who was a ‘Gator,’ a ‘Nole,’ or a ‘Cane.’” After some research Donahue found out there was about 5,000 Northeastern alumni in South Florida. He made it his mission to help out the outnumbered Huskies and have a place where the alumni could bond based on their Northeastern Experience.

“There is always a great appreciation by Alumni for being able to share their common backgrounds and experience with other alumni.” For example, during one of the South Florida’s luncheon two couples living in Florida made the connection that both couples at some point had lived in the same house in Dorchester. “The most rewarding part [of volunteering] is certainly meeting our many Northeastern alumni of all ages, backgrounds, and experience, who are above all just great people with great pride in Northeastern.” Even though they are far from their Alma Mater, these alumni still have a great appreciation for their Northeastern experience, highlighting their overall pride in Northeastern.

Donahue advises any alumni looking to get more involved to register with the Alumni Office, so he/she can receive notice of any events. “Find out who your local Alumni Community Leader is and shoot them an email so they have your contact information and can keep in touch with you.” Alumni leaders are listed on the community’s website and are open to any sorts of suggestions. “If you have a suggestion for an event or venue, please pass it on…Once given a local suggestion, the Alumni Office can do a great job organizing it.”

published March 2017