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Volunteer Spotlight: Chicago Community Co-Leader

We asked Matt Bradbard, DMSB’00, a few questions about why he volunteers, and what advice he has for others.

“I got so much from my undergrad education, so for me to be able to give back some of my time is the least I could do.” Alumnus Matt Bradbard is giving back to Northeastern as the Chicago Community Co-leader. Before relocating to Chicago, Bradbard was part of the Northeastern Miami community. His mission for the Chicago chapter is to make its alumni more active.

From recent grads to alumni as old as Bradbard’s parents, the most rewarding part of volunteering is to share stories and experiences about Northeastern. How the university has evolved and how their time at Northeastern shaped the path that they took in life and their careers. “Staying in touch with alumni and exploring opportunities on how you can collaborate with like-minded Northeastern alumni.” According to Bradbard, Northeastern alumni like doing business with other Northeastern alumni.

In many ways volunteering for Northeastern has strengthened his connection to his alma mater. “It has made me appreciate the reach Northeastern has…there are far more alumni in the Chicago-land area than I had anticipated.” Volunteering has forced Bradbard to stay engaged and keeps him accountable to accomplish his mission to get the Chicago community active again.

Bradbard’s advice to fellow Huskies looking to get more involved? “Don’t think about it…just do it. Make things happen don’t wait for things to happen.”

published March 2017