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Volunteer Spotlight: Chicago Community Co-Leader

We asked Gerry Linda, DMSB’69, MBA’71, a few questions about why he volunteers, and what advice he has for others.

“At some point in their life, everyone wants to give back, to pour water into the well that nourishes us all.” Gerry Linda is the Northeastern Chicago Community Co-Leader.

Linda’s volunteering has strengthened his connection to Northeastern. Not only has he had the chance to meet alumni across many generations and seen how NU has become such an amazing institution, but he has also had the chance to meet the parents of future alumni, understanding why they have also chosen to invest in Northeastern. By volunteering, Linda has been given an inside look at the institution and helped plan programs and activities that are meaningful to others.

For the past few years Linda has co-hosted Chicagoland’s summer get-a-way brunch for entering freshman and their families. “The incoming freshman really appreciate that Northeastern does this and introduces them to a few friendly faces before they arrive in Boston.” According to Linda, these brunches help parents see how well Northeastern operates. Linda further explains, “This is such a classy way for Northeastern to behave. It is a source of great pleasure and pride for me to be part of one of the early Northeastern experiences for these incoming freshman. He’s sure to tell the attendees, “It is students like you who make my degrees look better and better every year!”

His words of advice to fellow Huskies looking to get more involved? “There is no downside to becoming an active alum there should be no hesitation; it is the right thing to do—for yourself, for others and for the University.”

published March 2017