Rian Finnegan

What is the “heart” of your ideal workplace? Who are the people, the values, and the shared goals? The answers to these questions help define an “employer brand”—the look, feel, and voice of a company. Employer branding and recruitment marketing are growing fields in the modern work landscape, where talent acquisition is competitive and employees are expecting more. Rian Finnegan, AMD’11 is a champion for the employee experience and followed a passion for creating engaging and inclusive company cultures. Rian’s experience spans diverse companies like Twitter, Pandora, Squarespace, and now, Instacart. Hear the latest trends in recruitment, and how a strong and authentic employer brand can attract and retain top talent. As many of us are working from home during the COVID-19 pandemic, Rian also shares some tips to stay connected in a remote working environment.

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Rian Finnegan

Episode aired May 11, 2020