Louiza Wise

Environmentalist, Chi Epsilon Honors Society member, Dean’s List, multiple award winner, social justice activist, long-distance runner—those are a few of the fitting monikers for Louiza Wise. She has impressed the faculty of Northeastern’s College of Engineering since her freshman year. Louiza will graduate with a bachelor of science in environmental engineering and a 3.96 GPA.

“Louiza is passionate about environmental and social justice issues and is eager to bring about positive change that will benefit others,” says her faculty advisors, Annalisa Onnis-Hayden and Jessica M. Ormsby. “She is a natural leader that knows what it means to give back and is empowered to be involved in activities that benefit others.”

As a leader, Louiza has served in multiple e-board positions (including president) of the Northeastern Chapter of the New England Water Environment Association. She has held various leadership positions within the Civil and Environmental Engineering Department and is captain of the Northeastern cross country and track and field teams. As an activist working to benefit others, Louiza—after the murder of George Floyd—joined with fellow student athletes to found the Athletes for Equity Coalition. She is proudest of this achievement and says, “We have partnered with another Northeastern organization, the Black Athlete Caucus, to devise a fundraising strategy and have selected three nonprofit organizations to be the recipients of our activities. My hope is that through what I have helped establish, relationships and connections can grow, creating a more connected and organized community.”

Louiza’s co-op experiences have included being a project management assistant at Barletta Engineering Corporation, an engineering assistant at Weston & Sampson, Inc. and a research and development assistant at Floating Island International. At Northeastern, she has been a lab assistant in the Wastewater Treatment Lab of the Civil and Environmental Engineering Lab.

Although she hasn’t made a decision about her post-graduation options, Louiza says, “I would like to join the workforce at a startup developing technology related to water resource recovery. But I am also considering continuing my education internationally to learn more about different methods of climate resiliency planning.” Regardless of the path she follows, Louiza’s faculty advisors say, “We believe that Louiza is truly on a path to alumni leadership.”


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Louiza is passionate about environmental and social justice issues and is eager to bring about positive change that will benefit others.

Faculty Advisors Annalisa Onnis-Hayden and Jessica Ormsby