Felicia Zhang

When looking at Felicia Zhang’s vast list of accomplishments, one might ask, “Where does she go from here?” The answer: probably anywhere she wants to go. Felicia, who has a 3.9 GPA, is on track to receive her Bachelor of Science in Computer Science in May. Benjamin Hescott, teaching professor and associate dean at Khoury, says, “Felicia is a stellar student, an exemplar of the power of experiential education and a leader dedicated to empowering others in the computer science field.”

Matthias Felleisen, a trustee professor at Northeastern’s Khoury College of Computer Sciences, was so impressed after Felicia’s software development final exam that he asked her to be his TA. He says, “I need people like her because software development teaches that programming is a people discipline.” Felicia has people skills. She tutored 150 students in effective data representations and design of software components in a distributed system, including socially responsible collaboration and documentation.

Felicia has shown her leadership in many ways. She held team lead positions with HackBeanpot and was president of Women in Technology (NUWIT) because they provide “a space for underrepresented groups in tech and help beginners learn and grow.”

HackBeanpot, Felicia recounts, is her most significant achievement. Each year, she and her team organize a multiday hackathon for Boston students. “Planning the 2021 event was a special achievement in particular,” she says. “HackBeanpot has always been very centered around community and building strong connections, which has been more difficult to do in an online environment. We were able to create an engaging and fun space for our participants and sponsors [this year] and still fostered interpersonal relationships at our first virtual event.”

In addition to her on-campus achievements, Felicia has completed several co-ops at renowned tech firms: Facebook, Google, Carbonite and Drift. While at Facebook, she established a system for formally deprecating targets in the mobile application codebases and applied safeguards by building Python data pipelines. At Carbonite, she developed the interface of multiple consumer-facing account management portals. At Google, she built debugging features for an internal tool. She also designed an autonomous assistive robot for the RoboCup@Home 2017 competition in Nagoya, Japan. Jason Hemann of Khoury says Felicia is, “definitely someone who’s going places, and I’m excited to see how she writes her next chapter.”


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Felicia is a stellar student, an exemplar of the power of experiential education and a leader dedicated to empowering others in the computer science field.

Benjamin Hescott, Teaching Professor and Associate dean of undergraduate Education and experience