Sailaja Joshi – Mango and Marigold Press

Always think of Northeastern as a resource.

When I graduated from Northeastern, I didn’t really think much about being an Alumna, and now I turn to Northeastern every time I have a need.”


Recognizing a need for diversity in children’s books, Sailaja Joshi, DMSB’06, founded Bharat Babies. Her publishing house grew to be award winning, successfully bringing stories of culture and diverse characters to children’s literature. In April 2020, she was a guest on the Northeastern Next Podcast, where she spoke about her personal experiences, the development of her company, and goals. Listen to the podcast episode here.

In the episode, she credits IDEA for giving her the boost she needed to get started, and touched on partnering with Scout. With Scout, she rebranded to Mango and Marigold Press.

Scout breaks down their design process with Mango and Marigold Press here in their portfolio.

Mango and Marigold Press

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