When there’s Airbnb connecting property owners with renters, there’s WiroArt connecting artists with high-traffic businesses like cafes, hotels, and more. WiroArt opens up the WiroArt Window™ utilizing those businesses’ empty walls where artists can exhibit and sell their artwork, while the public encountering the WiroArt Window™ can scan each artwork’s QR to view artist profile, read art description, watch artists’ video, leave comments, and purchase the art in various forms like prints, original painting, puzzles, and other goods featuring the art. The platform has launched in Q4 of 2023 with the first WiroArt Window™ location in Boston, alongside with 20+ artists. With the mission of bringing art closer to the public, the team is preparing to further develop the platform and expand its WiroArt Window™ locations across the nation.

Founded and operated by Sanghun Lee, CAMD’25